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Radio: 5th Anniversary Special

Wednesday May 13, 2015

Ameeba (left), SQR, Moonlit, Kesken, Iwere, SLTF (masked), DJTT, Flyer. Photo by Dj Emotion

Two hours of live rap, mostly songs, some freestyle and huge amounts of bullshit! Haha!

Enjoy... :D

Ghetto Tyylit 5th Anniversary Show by Ghetto Tyylit on Mixcloud

Download here (Mega)

posted by: Moonlit


Tuesday May 12, 2015

© Robert Keskinen
Five years ago our bi-weekly show started on Bassoradio and has been running non-stop since. All shows are available on this blog.

To celebrate this, like before, we've invited some rappers to perform live.
But this time the line-up is gathered with a new vision. This time it's about us. This time we appear as a group who you might see together on stage one day. Not everyone can make it tonight though, but with this group it'll certainly be another epic anniversary.

So the lineup tonight will be SLTF / Iwere / Moonlit / Flyer / SQR / Kesken / Ameeba

Last year we did a 3-hour show with live video stream,
featuring by Kube, Pijall, Kesken, Iwere, SQR, PPSH, Hirmu & Skele, Betonipossu, Tuuttimörkö, Iconico, Mindman, Radam...
Pictures here!

Full length vid here:

Previous spectacles we did are available on the preview post about previous anniversary show:
Preview: 4th Anniversary show!

Tune in!
22:00 (GMT+2)

posted by: Moonlit

4th Anniversary Show: Video & Photos

Monday May 12, 2014

Here it is, in photos and video!

Live performances by Kube, Pijall, Kesken, Iwere, SQR, PPSH, Hirmu & Skele, Betonipossu, Tuuttimörkö, Iconico, Mindman, Radam...

The full unedited 3-hour video has been on Youtube and Ustream for two weeks already, but an edited version that will appear soon.

Owl Helsinki produced the video stream and Robert Keskinen / EBBP took the photographs.

Note: due to copyright infringements, Youtube has placed some restrictions on this video that may at least require user log-in.

FULL-LENGTH VIDEO: Youtube / Ustream

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Apr 15th w/ Kasi & Brother Boney (of UDF) [live performances!]

Wednesday April 16, 2014

I'm still hyped up and amazed by how great this show was.
We had the honor to have guests Kasi & Boney Bro (of Urban Disciples Finland aka UDF) to visit, tell the story of their crew (which is one of the greatest rap crews in Finland of all time) and to perform songs live.

UDF was in fact a great crew with 9 members at best, including three female emcees. It existed for somewhat a decade (circa 1997-2007). They did more shows than probably any other crew at that time, released a great amount of albums that most people still don't know about, ran an epic radio show for many years (Boombox on Radio Dei) and even had their own online record shop ( If there was a title for hand-to-hand cassette-slanging, these guys would be the champs, no doubt!

Check the show (it feels like one of the best we ever did), find out what happened to UDF, listen to Kasi&Boney perform songs all the way from 1997. In this show Kasi also did one of the best freestyle verses I've ever heard.

All love!

Dumb's set of new music:
Sofiabukarest: Silver (digi)
Keyboard Kid: Demibased (digi)
Luckaleann: Roll Up (digi)
Xavier Wulf: The Report (digi)
100s: Thru My Veins (digi)
DJ Kridlokk ft. Eevil Stöö: Stöö & Lokk
Yung Simmie & Amber London: Splak Part 2 (digi)
Bones & Na$ty Matt: VHS (digi)
Little Pain: Weepers (digi)

- - KASI & BONEY BRO - -

Tape selections by Betonipossu:
UDF: Theurbandisciples (cassette)
Brother Boney & Otniel The Goblin: Nykyaika (Ei Mahdu Mun Tajuntaan) (cassette)
Paulos Tylsä & Kasi: YHWH (CD)
Kasi: Kuulen Hänen Laulavan (cassette)
Ruudolf, Otniel & Kasi: Ei Keksitty Nimee
Master Bone: Winter Poem (CD-R)

Download here (Mega)!

Apr 15th 2014 w/ Kasi & Boney Bro (of UDF) [LIVE RAPS!] by Ghetto Tyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit

Finnish Old School Hiphop w/ DJ Hiihtopipo (Radio: Feb 18th) + previous show (Seattle special)

Wednesday February 19, 2014

A quarter-decade of Finnish underground hiphop (1st hour: 1991-1999, 2nd hour 2001-2014)!

We invited Tipa "DJ Hiihtopipo" Tuominen to play gems from his collection. Tipa is a great music collector and an old school DJ, still playing and collecting actively. He bought his first Finnish hiphop vinyl in 1991 after having listened to American hiphop for a few years.
Tipa has been running a soul/funk radio show with his boy Kavallus on Basso for many years, but he also has a great amount of knowledge on hiphop.

Tipa has visited our show once before, on Femcees Special Vol 2 in 2011.

He could only play one hour this time, so me and Ameeba did two half-hour sets for the 2nd hour with mostly Finnish music.

Truly an awesome show with great amount of highly exclusive and rare tracks!

DJ Hiihtopipo (all Finnish rap, 1991-1999):
Dam The Band: Radical Word (LP)
B.A.M.: Make Ya Think (7")
Brownsand Brothers ft. Dream, BOW & Celes: Hello To Ya Mother (cassette)
Ruff N' Rugged: Daddy's Coming Again (cassette)
Frontpage: The Lab (cassette)
Nuera: Outro (L.U.S.T.) (cassette)
Yksinäinen Ratsastaja: Juttuja Selitän (cassette)
MPL Zaba ft. Sähkö: Sessio (cassette)
SinisetPunasetMiehet: Ryhmäterapiaa [Live] (cassette)
Kontrasti: Kontrasti (cassette)
Snack (Channim): Pass Me The Mic (cassette)
Wretch: Spect Minez Anthem (cassette)
Famm Regal: Full Regalia aka Goodfellaz (cassette)
Misbehavior ft. A.N.A.: What's The Higher Level

Moonlit (all Finnish, 2001-2011):

Tonedial: Cold People (UDF cassette)
Brother Boney & Otniel The Goblin: Katse Taivaalle (UDF cassette) 2003
Klommo & MP: Peilitalo
David Tolstoi & Jaywho: (Unknown)
Moonlit: For My Crew
Sami Kukka: Kun Tulla Saan [Live, Belly 2010] (Helmi Levyt cassette)
Dumb: Life In (& Out) [Live, Siperia 2004]

Ameeba (mostly Finnish, mid-2000's - modern day):
Po'Land: Street Lights, Nervousness & Patience
The Underachievers: N.A.S.A. (digi)
Indievidual (Mindman) & Infekto: Saviour ()
Minky: Apart (digi)
Late: Sickleclipse
Ameba: Jumina
Dim Den: Humanimal (digi)
kAbLeHeAd: vAlLiS


Previous show on 4th of February, a Seattle special!

Iwere / Dumb / Ameeba:
Silent Lambs Project: Comrade (12")
Spekulation: All About That Action [(Beast Mode Remix)]
Union Of Opposites ft. ShoNuph: Continuations (LP)
Ghetto Chilldren: Hip Hop Was? (CD)
Narcotik: Urlin In The Morning
Boney B, Work, B-Self, Vitamin D: MC Fill In The Blanks
Source Of Labor ft. Kylea: Come With Me [Remix]
Samson S. & Vitamin D: Who Knows? (LP)
Beyond Reality: The 1-2 (CD)
TruID & Graves33: A World We See
Henry Quester, Kuchenmann, Physical Graffiti: Jersey Gardens (CD)
Kid SMPL: Snowscape (digi)
Slow Year: Guts
Alexalfons: (Untitled) (dubplate)
Mogwai: Sine Wave (LP)
Sole: Salt On Everything (LP)
Lil Ugly Mane ft. Denzel Curry: Twistin' (LP)
Nacho Picasso: Life Of Pi (digi)
Aesop Rock: Float (LP)
Bleubird: Crybaby Crunk (LP)
Tyler The Creator: Yonkers (LP)
Paperi T & Khid: Bushwa (LP)
Antti Szurawitzki: 3 Minute City
Kasi: Kirje [Demo] (dubplate)
Tinashe: Secret Weapon (digi)
Cosmo's Midnight ft. Nicole Millar: Phantasm (digi)
D33J: She's Deep (digi)
Ameba: Tender Slayer [Forthcoming]
Deep Green: Finn Forest
Forest Swords: Thor's Stone
Niia: Btstu
Mustapha Mond: Limerence

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Jan 7th (w/ LIVE PERFORMANCES)

Wednesday January 08, 2014

We started the year by performing some songs live.
Ameeba deejayed the last hour...

Lil Sad - Best 4 U
Yung Gud - U Want Me
Inner X Square - Edes takas
JIIIIIIM - Locusts & Jackals
Jeremiah Jae - Rawmoney Shit (feat Franklin Tabasco)
Absent Acclaim - Schizofriendinya
Long Lost Relative - The Current

LIVE RAPS by .Moonlit / Dumb / Iwere

Audiopharmacy - Prophecies
J Riskit - Kuunsirppi, Aurinko, Liekki
J Wiley - Greatness
Phora - My Story
Last Night In Paris - Katya Des - Etages & Taurean Roy
Xzibit - The Foundation
Eligh - Maybe So
Ailu Valle - Suotnjarat Beaivvaza feat Teemu Blomberg
Siniset Nuotit - Kaupunki Nukkuu feat Ailu Valle & Riikka Keränen
Suns - 8 Fold Path
Anton Hammer - The Survivor

Some punk has been reporting my radio uploads to 4shared so no downloads for y'all for a while...

Radio: Jan 7th, 2014 by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

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Radio: Finnish Rap Special, Episode III

Saturday June 01, 2013

Part three for Finnish rap special!

Previous episodes:

Iwere 1-10, 27-31 / Moonlit 11-27:

1. Panda Posse - Nosta Sun Pää 06
2. Kiltit Ihmiset & Syvä Vesi - Nimetön
3. Betonipossu - Sateinen Keskiviikko
4. Four Eyes & Syvä Vesi - Aurinko
5. Pion - Ihmeiden Aika
6. Inner X Sqr X Klommo - Rainhead
7. J Riskit - Läsnä feat Ameeba & Kisu Soidinsalo
8. Vaaleet - Suoraan Kohti
9. Sirius - Vai Olenko
10. Dena Hena & Tono Slono - En Mä Sitä Pelkää
11. Moonlit - Third Hand Shop Ver 2
12. ALEXALFONS - Close
13. Non Person -Yeah Luv, Horror Edit
14. Nadasdi, Ceebrolistics & Mindman - Knowledge Is Infinite
15. Stonedar - The Deal & The Duty
16. Brother Boney & Otniel - Katse Taivaalle
17. Mattip - FGM Anthem 1999
18. Antti & Werd - Ystävyys feat Karri & Plankton)
19. Murmurecordings - Sohva
20. Ceebrolistics - Me
21. Underwater Firez (Iason & Danaoz) - Hybrid/Nemesis
22. Khid - Ei
23. Klommo & MP - Peilitalo
24. DJ Tuleva Työtön - Anger
25. Toge - En Pysty Pysähtyy
26. COTS - Dedicated
27. Moonlit & Plankton - Viimeisiä
29. Nuera - That Ol Nu Shit
30. Aqustiikka - Mä En Koskaan
31. Eevil Stöö x Koksu Koo - Titanic

Download here (4shared)

Finnish Special vol III by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

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3rd Anniversary: The Epic 9-hour Show

Monday May 27, 2013

Our show on Bassoradio had it's 3rd birthday two weeks ago. Instead of the usual 2 hours, we did a 9-hour marathon, from 10pm to 7am.

The studio was full of people and the live performances, interviews & freestyles were on for at least half of the whole show altogether.

Some listeners had taken long naps before the show so that they could stay on 'till the end.

To my surprise, it was a pretty painless effort - time passed quickly and it was just mad fun. I didn't even have time to play the vinyl-set I had prepared for the late-night.

This was probably the most epic and crazy thing we've ever done. And I'm very glad we did it.

It's impossible to create a track list of the show but this is how it roughly went down:
00:00 - warm-up
00:35 - live: Matre & Paleface
01:00 - live: Aqustiikka
01:14 - live: Kesken
01:25 - live: Dumb
01:30 - live: SQR
01:37 - interview: Paperi T & Khid
01:58 - live: Oukkidouppi
02:14 - live: Tantr Slangrr
02:34 - interview: Alexalfons
02:47 - live: Dumb & SQR
02:52 - live: Dumb
03:16 - live: .Moonlit
03:36 - live: Kasi
03:49 - live: Tuuttimörkö
04:06 - interview: RPK
and from here on it was hazy four hours of random freestyles, lives and record playing with Toby One, Mindman, Dumb, Ameeba & .Moonlit, until...
08:04 - live: Julma Henri
09:00 - victory!

Photographer Robert Keskinen filmed the whole show, let him tell the rest.

Download here (4shared)







06:55 AM / "Wish You A Good Day"

posted by: Moonlit

Preview: 3rd Anniversary Show

Monday May 13, 2013

It's been three years since Miika Särmäkari of Bassomedia gave us a spot for the show.

And in gratitude and celebration for that, we'll do a 9-hour show with a houseful of musicians.

It's probably the dumbest idea that we've ever decided to go for, but fuck it. It's a party!

Here's a photo collection of last year's show:
We never shared the audio, but we are sharing it now. Here you go:
Ghetto Tyylit: 2-year Anniversary (Mixcloud):

2nd Anniversary Show (2012) by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

So we start at the usual 22:00 but end at 07:00 (unless we pass out earlier).
LISTEN TO US LIVE! We don't promise an audio rip of it.

It's gonna be epic. Here's a look in to the guest list:

Paperi T
Alex Alfons
Tantr Slangrr
Toby One

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Cassette Special

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Tapes only. Original rap tapes, no dubs, no rips.
We had the tape deck mic'd again so y'all can hear the good old pause/play click.
This show is not about nostalgia though, just good music beneath the hiss.

Guest selectors were Kali Yuga Pro and DJ Emotion aka Tunnejanne.
Each had to wait for their turn to play a track so this was like a homey living room session, a listening circle.

30th of October, 2012:
1. Evs - The Morning After [Shades Of Grey]
2. Spex - Untitled
3. Himself feat Anacron - Strange Fruit
4. Esoin - Mental Astronaut
5. Mattip - FGM Anthem 1999 [The King Tape]
6. Eyecue - Dirt Hustlin [Hobo Junction]
7. Orko The Sycotik Alien - When Worlds Collide [MOTU]
8. Devil Needs An Afro Abstract Freestyle [MOTU]
9. Kanser - Open Your Eyes
10. Forbidden Forest - In I [Seven Up]
11. Emanon - Blind Individuals [Dream Sequence]
12. Optimus Rhymes - Something I Said [JKC]
13. Awol One feat Mikah Nine - Wake Up Dead [Fat Jack]
14. Awkward Why? - Scott Free feat Sir Syntax
15. Kiltit Ihmiset - Haluisin Vaan Et Hymyilet [Anti-Party]
16. Jizzm - Goodbye [Illasophic]
17. Extra Pro - Can't Reap Til You [Hieroglyphics]
18. Tommy V & Glory - Troubled Times [Imprints]
19. I-Won - Shiloh [Moving Objects]
20. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke (OG Version) [Neveready]
21. The Basics - Spoken Word [Funk Lab]
22. Zion I - Keepin Me High [418hz Prod]
23. Joseph - Oblique (Remix) [SFSM]
24. Payperwork & Mekas - A Cord In Two
25. Tommy V - Soarin [Imprints]
26. Aloe & Dru - Emanon [Dream Sequence]
27. King Koncepts - Remember [Kemetic Suns]
28. Mystik Journeymen - I'll See Ya feat Krewcial [Outhouse]

Download here (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

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