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Radio: September 21st 2020, B2B set by Cogu & Iwere

Tuesday September 22, 2020

Me and Iwere played tracks back to back, underground hip hop mostly from The States. Both were quite tired out so we just focused to the music.

["*" = by Iwere]

Enigmatical, Misto Soon, Nadasdi, Rodan Kairos - ...of Constellations *
Darkleaf - Alkemy
EX2 - Nobodies Perphect *
Ellay Khule - Kulisafool
Burro Magic & Pterradacto - The Bottom *
Ellis Bancroft - Monotonuous Recourse
Ethnic Descent feat Jahnay Irie - Bout To Be A Father *
Awol One - Old Babies
Hakim ft. Tut - Reminisce *
Eligh - A Time Out
Bored Stiff - Tribute *
Bored Stiff - Untitled
Orko Eloheim - Psychogunpowder
Autopsy & Odessa Kane - The Outskirts of Delirium *
Shamen 12 - Devilz Advocate
Stae - Beastmaster * 
Zagu Brown & Jon Jon - Patience
Neila - Living Then Dying *
Self Jupiter - You're Lost
Mike - Track C *
The Grouch ft Eligh - Neglected
D1rty Redd (Neb Luv) - Invasion *
Deeskee & Die Young - All Of Me (Deeskee Remix)
SK & Jizzm - Blessed *
Mr Aeks & KHZ Devils - Ash Tray
Spex - Some Way Know How *
Three Eyed Cowz - Live From San Francisco
Self Jupiter - The Master's Lemonade *
Eddie K - Untitled
Myka 9 - Liberty *
DJ D ft Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - Union Theory
Wake Up People - Dark World Light *
SFSM - Rappin For Food

posted by: Cogu

4th Anniversary Show: Video & Photos

Monday May 12, 2014

Here it is, in photos and video!

Live performances by Kube, Pijall, Kesken, Iwere, SQR, PPSH, Hirmu & Skele, Betonipossu, Tuuttimörkö, Iconico, Mindman, Radam...

The full unedited 3-hour video has been on Youtube and Ustream for two weeks already, but an edited version that will appear soon.

Owl Helsinki produced the video stream and Robert Keskinen / EBBP took the photographs.

Note: due to copyright infringements, Youtube has placed some restrictions on this video that may at least require user log-in.

FULL-LENGTH VIDEO: Youtube / Ustream

posted by: Moonlit

In other news...

Thursday August 02, 2012

Helsinki Hookup weekend:
We reppin' throughout the weekend at Helsinki Hookup skateboard event side-to-side with Roots Culture Movement clothing. We slingin' tapes there all weekend!

Tapanila demo tape:
A promo tape from Tapanila sessions (aka Tuesday sessions) is now available for listen at Good Life Coffee. Tapanila sessions are rapping sessions organized by Plankton & Moonlit in Tapanila, Helsinki. Dozens of songs recorded with friends on a cassette-4-track-recorder since 2010. Honest and raw.
Tape is compiled by DJ Emotion & Moonlit and can be only heard at the Coffee shop.

Photo copyright: Moonlit

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: 2-Year-Anniversary Show

Wednesday June 13, 2012

Ghetto Styles / Ghetto Tyylit was born a small monthly dj-club in Beatroot, Helsinki in October, 2009. It was hosted by Moonlit with guest dj's. In April 14th, 2010, the first post on this blog was posted and on April 18th the first show aired on Basso Radio. 

On 15th of May, 2012, we did a two-hour anniversary show. It was a live stage -type of show and was streamed in video online. DJ Plankton (Anti-Party Music, Murmurecordings) started the show with some of his favorite tracks from back in the day. On the mic we had (in the following order): Pigeonheadz (Moonlit & Dumb), Moonlit (solo), Iwere (solo), Children Of The Sun / Broken Beats (Iwere & Square), Kasi (solo, UDF), J Riskit (Kylmä), Ameeba (solo), Syvävesi (Microbe & Ameeba), Microbe (solo), Khid (Kylmä), Kesken (Saurus), Mindman (No Good Men), Tono Slono (SMC) and Aqustiikka (went overtime, not recorded). 

(password: ghettostyles)

Photos © by Topi "Toby One" Vanhatalo


posted by: Moonlit

Radio w/ Kali Yuga Pro

Monday August 22, 2011

This is the show before the previous, sorry for the delay.

The first radio appearance from Ghetto Styles vice president Kali Yuga Pro.

This show is FFFFFAT! Great cross-section of true underground hiphop.
B2B with Iwere.

[About the previous show, we did an Around The World special with Ameeba & Iwere, played hiphop from all over the world, an had the dopest 15-minute freestyle by our homies Kesken & Otto Stadista aka Stonedar. BUT unfortunately that show obviously didn't get recorded. Sorry!)

1. Extra Prolific - First Sermon [Jive]
2. Xtracts Of Slang - How Does It Feel [Freshchest Inc.]
3. Shock G - Your Sun Iz A Pimp [33rd Street]
4. Oddjobs - The Distance Song
5. Union Of Opposites - What's It Worth [Tribal Music]
6. Lazerus Jackson - Time Done [Sunset Leagues]
7. Prophetix - Up On It [S.O.L.A.R. Panel]
8. Semiotics - Todays Song ]Semiotics]
9. Tommy V, EVS, Administer & Maleko - A Peace Of Time [Imprints]
10. Dose One - Vile Glutons
11. Emanon - Rhythm To Life [Asterisk Records]
12. Grouch, Murs, Shingo, Bas-1 - Uncontent [Outhouse]
13. Grouch, PSC, Asop, Arata, Grouch, Eligh & BFAP - Language Song [Legendary ]Music
14. US Pros - LACAUSP
15. Subtitle, LMNO & Otherwize - Away With Words [Marks03]
16. Manik, Psy-Ops - See The Light
17. JRoz - Never Been On An Airplane [Nomadic Sound System]
18. Spex, Brewmasta - Darkest Anger
19. Sundiata & Rabb Chillin - Under The Sun, Under The Son [II Sense]
20. Moving Objects - Symphony Of The Silhouettes [Emmoworks]
21. Anonimous, Fiasco & Tenashus - Do It For The Feeling [Sound Cultivator]
22. Burnt Batch - The High, The Low
23. Bored Stiff - State Of The Art (OG Version) [Hella Records]
24. Saafir - No Return (OG Version) [Hobo Junction]
25. Labtekwon - Eternal Struggle [Ankh Ba Records]
26. Moka Only - Majic
27. Abstract Tribe Unique - Contradictshun [Massmen]
28. Esoin - React To Be [Daysmen Empire]
29. Omid, 2mex, Xololanxinxo, Jizzm & DJ Drez - Atlas
30. The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (Scott Matelic Remix)
31. Brother Nature - Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Peace to Enigmatical!

PW: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Finnish Rap Special, Episode II

Sunday July 24, 2011

The first episode was aired on October 2010 with Puisto-Osasto.
Me and Iwere now did the second episode.

Here you go:

1. Erkkikukko & Olavi Nälkä - Nälkänen Kukko
2. Ukko & Tattoo - Paskaa Saundii
3. Pigeonheads - Whatcha Lookin At [unreleased]
4. Pigeonheads - Who Is You [unreleased]
5. Korvalappurekords - Huvin Vuoksi [Darrapöllö]
6. Korvalappurekords - 3 elementtii [unreleased]
7. Eevil Stöö, Rääväsuu Rudy & Touka Smouka (12C) - 12C Vetää Perccn
8. Rudy - She Song
9. Kiltit Ihmiset - Sulle f/ Rudy [Antiparty]
10. Kiltit Ihmiset - (Untitled) [Antiparty]
11. Four Eyes - Voita Ja Häviä
12. Fuck The World - Last Minute Ghetto [Antiparty]
13. Payperwork & Mekas - Kidwitapen
14. Ameeba (Sage One) - Friends & Things f/ Jalien & Oliwie
15. Moonlit - Honesty (World Is What We Make It) [Blue Phantoms Network]
16. Frontpage - Keep It Movin
17. Brownsand Brothers feat Dream, Celes & B.O.W. - Hello To Ya Mother
18. Alex Street Band feat Mörkö ja Mattip - Kajo
19. Hiljaiset Tarinat - Tarina Metsän Vanhan Puun [Freaky Beats]
20. Mukamasilluusio - Vanha Metsä [Abracadubrap]
21. Microbe - Haikaantaivaanajattomaan
22. Sampo ja Eero - Yörytmi [Fjuu]
23. Bebe / Danaoz - Dark Colors Part 2
24. Piste & Kasi - Tuulet Puhaltaa
25. Otniel, Poor Poet Lyphe, Mini & Tee - Thru Thick And Thin
26. Ameba - Review [Liveanimationproject]
27. Moonlit - Diaries In Flames [BPN]
28. Tattoo - Miracles
29. Kiltit Ihmiset & Kapteeni Jukka - Mikään Ei Oo Rajumpaa
30. Rudolf - Miami Honeymoon
31. Pijall - Declaration Of Liberty [Ceebrodukshons]

pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio w/ Iwere

Sunday July 24, 2011

1. Plado - Try To Read My Mind [Urban Undergoround]
2. DJ D feat DK Toon & Nina Loren - World Goes On [Massmen]
3. San Francisco Street Music - Four Directions [SFSM]
4. Misfitz Ov Stylz - Check The Strategy
5. Azeem & DJ Zeph - The Fire [Wide Hive]
6. Buck65 - I'm Sick Of [P-Minus]
7. Ceebrolistics - Me [EMI]
8. Various Blends - To The Gut
9. The Farthest Artists - Inner Fury [Sublevel Epidemic]
10. Skillsters - Secret Handshake f/ Four Minute Soldiers [Pyssy]
11. Shapeshifters - Circuit City [Cornerstone]
12. DJ Shadow & Asia Born - Send Them [Solesides]
13. Lootpack - Hityawitdat [Stones Throw]
14. Lootpack - Forever Beef [Crate Diggas Palace]
15. Kazi - A.V.E.R.A.G.E [Stones Throw]
16. Dudley Perkins - Flowers [Stones Throw]
17. Kankick - Pensive [Farm Tones]
18. Peanut Butter Wolf - Necromancin' f/ Dave Dub [Stones Throw]
19. Finsta Bundy - Spirit Of The Boogie [Big Willie]
20. Rob O & Pete Rock - We Write Rhymes [St Nick Ent]
21. Rahsheed feat Mr Eon - The Life I Live [Quake City]
22. Awol One & Jizzm - Root Of All Evil Remix [King Tut]
23. Aceyalone, Abstract Rude & Mikah Nine - B-Boy Kingdom [Capitol]
24. IllLogic - It Seems [Math A Matic]
25. Mattip, Pijall & Indievidual - Purposearchingone [FGM]
26. Watusi feat K-Lust & Soul Amazing - Watusi Astrocultology 101 [Watusi]
27. Labtekwon - Friends [Ankh Ba]
28. Gracias - HKI
29. Gavlyn feat Jaclyn Gee - Locked Down
30. Tarica June - Slow Down
31. Lil B The Based God - I Hate Myself []
32. Gonjasufi - Love Of Reign (S Maharba Remix)
33. Hazeem - Morning Star

pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Moonlit & Iwere

Friday July 01, 2011

Apologies for the late posting. I've been homeless for the past week and only now got to my computer.

Our guest didn't show up so me and Iwere covered it. Nice tunes, tho.

Check out for my music from the upcoming tape "Dead Music" that'll be at the store soon, and for some unreleased Trybal tracks (thanks again to Jack Devo over at and Camp Crystal Lake (thanks to Plankton). Also might wanna check out Orko's track that he did on Plankton's "I Like B-Sides" mix-cd in 2002.
I'll be posting the Basics tapes when I get settled.

One more hint: <- that's a dope-ass webstore held by Luke Sick (Sacred Hoop, The Disturbers, Grand Invincible), selling tapes, comics, vinyls, cd's, books.. all very nice.

1. Emanon - The Circle [Dream Sequence]
2. Emanon - Blind Individuals [Dream Sequence]
3. Blind Council - Shit Is Mad Real [unreleased]
4. Infinite - Ways & Tactics [unreleased]
5. The Korp - The Champion
6. Tray Loc - Tower Twenty-Sex (f. J-Smoov)
7. The Grouch - Struggle Baby [G & E Music]
8. I Smooth 7 - Ghetto Life
9. Ganjah K & Big Cartoon - The Game Has Been Good To Me
10. Volume 10 - Sunbeams [RCA]
11. The Badstads featuring Shoshawna - Treacherous 3 Remix [Afterlife]
12. Ellay Khule & Busdriver - Countdown [Afterlife]
13. Deeskee, Fatlip, Scarub, P.E.A.C.E. & Volume 10 - Combustible Compounds [Team 2Mex]
14. Serkkupojat - Roopekoista [Ceebrolistics]
15. Moonlit - Time To Think? [Blue Phantoms Network]
16. Moonlit - Hidden Record Shop [Blue Phantoms Network]
17. SFSM - Life And Trials Of An M.C. feat. Ab Rude
18. Camp Crystal Lake - untitled [unreleased]
19. Opoetik, Parker Edison & Jahsun - Thru's Cities [Homegrown Blends]
20. Abstract Rude, Aceyalone & Moka Only - Every Breath [24/7]
21. K-Money - Shake [Funky Music]
22. Big Massive - 2fast 2soon
23. The Basics - Bubble In The Struggle
24. The Basics - 408 Stories [Funk Lab]
25. Astrobwoy - Gangsta Gangsta f/ Prosper Jones
26. Grand Invincible - The Style Is Bonkers [ZeroFriends]
27. King JC & Lil J - Come Take A Ride To The Blackhaven Side
28. Foxy Fox & Kally Boom Shabazz - It's Void [Jess Junk N Jazz]
29. The Nonce - Bus Stops (Token & A Transfer Remix) [Wild West]
30. Orko Eloheem - I Like B-Sides [Anti-Party Music]
31. Session And The Bear - Fade To Black
32. Awol One - Earthlings (Day Dreamer)
33. Mos Def - Umi Says [Rawkus]
34. Flako X Noir - Cosmic Theory

pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio - Femcees Special

Monday May 30, 2011

A lady-rappers special. This one was totally off the hook, I must say. One of my favorite shows.
Me and Iwere played back-to-back.
Bigup to Tonedial girls from Finland and Rodan & Peshi from Sweden! Bigup to all lady rappers around the world! Y'all so dope.

INTRO I - 1. Gang Starr - Mostly Tha Voice [Chrysalis]
INTRO I - 2. Gabriel Teodros - Warriors
3. NidoubleKi - No Understanding [Supreme Ent.]
4. Mystic & Angel - Ok... Alright
5. Medusa & Koko (S.I.N.) - Diva's Den
6. Figures Of Speech - Alpha Omega
7. Bahamadia - Spontaneity [Chrysalis]
8. Ninety-9 - Magilla
9. Apani B Fly Emcee - Narcotic [Mary Joy]
10. Sha-Key - Soulsville
11. Imeuswe - Untitled verse [GPAC]
12. Miki Vale & Georgia Anne Muldrow - Bending
13. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime - Mages Sages II [MellowMusicGroup]
14. Vida Killz - Final Home (Remix)
15. Tonedial (Minnylee, Teeshortie & Otniel) - God Can
16. Peshi - Flapping Pages [Outofthebluecrew]
17. Peshi - Changed Me
18. Nadasdi & Rodan - Moonriders [Outofthebluecrew]
19. Sista Sticks - Symphony [Cobra LA]
20. B.R. - Revival [Beyond Reality]
21.Ms. Dezy - Dearest Daddy [Someothaship]
22. Vida Killz - No H8 [Isolated Wax]
23. Eagle Nebula - Black Betty 2010 Voltron Mix
24. Jun Dax - Taste Of Tears
25. Topic - Heart Like A Jukebox [Beyond Space Ent.]
26. Jean Grae - Live 4 U [Third Earth Music]
27. Neila - Bounce Back [Grimm Image]
28. Scarub - Shadows (ft. Amazon)
29. Love N Props (T-Love) - Nobody Knows My Name [Southpaw]
30. Lady J - Triple Tongue
31. Da 5 Footaz (Neb Luv & Jah Skillz) - P.M.S.
32. JNatural, JRoz & Dj Ray Ray Raw - Justice Rose [Project Blowed]
33. Mahasin (Hobo Junction) - Dollars 4 Betting
34. Medusa - My Momma Raised A G [Feline Science]
35. Soulution feat Stacy Epps & Rita J - Open Your Window
36. Peace 586 - Just A Hip Hop Love Song feat. Zane [Tunnel Rats]

Mp3 here
pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio - Moonlit & Iwere

Monday May 02, 2011

Another great show with Iwere.
I was prepared to play a bunch of tapes but there was some troubles with the tape deck.
Played them all tho I had to push the high-EQ to the max and it was barely enough.
Any contributions for a new tape deck are accepted! ;)

Peep the tracks 12 & 13, some really dope but forgotten Finnish stuff.
I played the first hour, Iwere the second:

1. Hi-Tech - Continuosly f/ Promoe
2. Misfitz Ov Stylz - Sunday
3. Top Ramen - Elevation
4. Tim Sears - One Of Us (Pros)
5. (unknown artist) - Let'em Have It [A Sound For Sore Ears]
6. San Francisco Street Music - Puttin Rap In It's Place [Antiparty]
7. LPG - Listenin [SMG]
8. PID - The Book [Frontline]
9. Boogiemonsters - Mark Of The Beast [EMI]
10. Hitman - Real Niggers [Echo Unlimited]
11. Blueprint - No Half Smokin' [Rhymesayers]
12. Payperwork & Mekas - Kidwitapen
13. The Rudimentals - Pressure Drop [Kool Kat]
14. Scienz Of Life - U.S.A. [Intergalactic Ent.]
15. Monster Island Czars - Escape From Monsta Isle (Rodan, Megalon, Kong & Spiega) [Fat Beats / Metal Face]
16. King Geedorah - I Wonder f/ Hassan Chop [Big Dada]

17. Rise And Shine - Priceless
18. Thaione Davis & Iomos Marad - Keys Of Life [Birthwrite]
19. Lootpack - Female Request Line [Crate Diggas Palace]
20. Equipto, FDOG & Dregs One - Everyday
21. Maleko feat Nappy Dread - One Of These Days [Knew West]
22. Flii - Take The Game [Tripek]
23. Zest The Smoker - Interruptions [Stones Throw]
24. Lil B The Based God - Birth Of Rap []
25. Lil B The Based God, Jean Grae & Phonte - Base For Your Face []
26. Children Of The Sun - Planets [COTS Forever]
27. Sergio Hernandez - Billboards [Livin Dead]
28. Ras K'Dee - Now I'm Here [Nucuma]
29. Mister CR & Jay Pistola - United Snakes Of Amerikkka
30. Lawless Element feat Diverse - ... Something (Remix) [Babygrande]

Here it is, Mediafire
password: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit


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