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Paperwrists cassette and other new limited editions!

Monday October 21, 2013

On Saturday we held our first "open door day" at the store.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to shop or hang.
Doors are open again on Saturday 2nd of November!

DUMB - PAPERWRISTS (limited cassette edition)
We did 30 copies of Dumb's album Paperwrists on cassette, originally released in 2010 on CDR. It includes the original songs (available for free download at and two remixes (available for listen at The covers on this tape are X-ray images printed on film. Get your own copy for 10€! Available only at our store only!

Other new limited items:
First release from Finnish label Blackened Dust, dope and dark instrumental album from Helsinki.
Comes in a gatefold paper sleeve and a seal bag. Includes the album and a postcard. Yours for 8 euros!

Ghetto Styles affiliate, young producer DJ Tuleva Työtön makes slow, atmospheric and hypnotic beats. He has released a few beats tapes but this is the first with vocal features, incl. Dumb, Iwere, .Moonlit, Betonipossu and Toge, all in Finnish. Definite purchase especially for all Syvävesi-fans!
6 euros!

Latest release from the super-underground Finnish label Crummy Kids!
Experimental lofi music from Helsinki, 6 songs, 6 euros!

Check the store for more!

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Sep 18th w/ Dumb

Wednesday September 18, 2013

Iwere and Ameeba left out to do the next show together. This one I did with the original GT soldier Dumb, who currently resides in Helsinki as he is working as an intern in our newly opened mail order record shop!

Check out Dumb's Tumblr: DVMB SHYT

My set was something else tho... electronic / experimental / folk / soundtrack / laid-back type-o-shit.

Dumb 1-16 / Moonlit 17-33:

1. Yung God - I Could Die Rite No
2. Little Pain - High Cry
3. Underachievers - Cold Crush
4. Dvnny Seth - Toronto f/ Su Bviley
5. Cities Aviv - Tears f/ Rimar
6. Key Nyata - The Shadowed Diamond
7. Grandmilly X Eric Dingus - Silence
8. Western Tink & Beautiful Lou - Today
9. Glasspopcorn - Aspie
10. Dumb X Alexalfons - Isolate
11. Dumb X Junior Killer - Recitation
12. Dumb X Koala - Night Time
13. Mykki Blanco - Betty Rubble
14. Left Leberra X Iwere X Dumb - At My Worst
15. J.K. The Rapper - Slow It Down f/ Ramel Shakur
16. Tommy V - Can You Hear Me?
17. Nosaj Thing - Try
18. Koreless - Ivana
19. Grown Folk X Main Attrakionz - Double M.O.B. (Kuedo Remix)
20. Boards Of Canada - Split Your Infinities
21. Retro Stefson - Solaris
22. Blackedout - KPINS (Lil Sad Remix)
23. Ceebrolistics - Sinainin
24. Vessel - State
25. Remote Viewer - The Sound Of A Finished Kiss
26. Hanne Hukkelberg - Words & A Piece Of Paper
27. Amiina - Hilli
28. Eddie Vedder - The Wolf
29. Agnes Obel - Falling, Catching
30. INK - You Don't Know
31. Factor - Good Old Smokey f/ Mikah 9
32. Awol One & Factor - Sunday Mourning
33. Lil Ugly Mane - On Doing An Evil Deed Blues

Download here (4shared)

Radio: Sep 18th, 2013 by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: 2-Year-Anniversary Show

Wednesday June 13, 2012

Ghetto Styles / Ghetto Tyylit was born a small monthly dj-club in Beatroot, Helsinki in October, 2009. It was hosted by Moonlit with guest dj's. In April 14th, 2010, the first post on this blog was posted and on April 18th the first show aired on Basso Radio. 

On 15th of May, 2012, we did a two-hour anniversary show. It was a live stage -type of show and was streamed in video online. DJ Plankton (Anti-Party Music, Murmurecordings) started the show with some of his favorite tracks from back in the day. On the mic we had (in the following order): Pigeonheadz (Moonlit & Dumb), Moonlit (solo), Iwere (solo), Children Of The Sun / Broken Beats (Iwere & Square), Kasi (solo, UDF), J Riskit (Kylmä), Ameeba (solo), Syvävesi (Microbe & Ameeba), Microbe (solo), Khid (Kylmä), Kesken (Saurus), Mindman (No Good Men), Tono Slono (SMC) and Aqustiikka (went overtime, not recorded). 

(password: ghettostyles)

Photos © by Topi "Toby One" Vanhatalo


posted by: Moonlit

Radio - Freestyle Megashow 2

Tuesday April 19, 2011


Four hours of record playing, freestyle, live songs and new yet unreleased recordings from the local talents.

The first two hours I played records with Ameba, incl. a short Living Legends set, and 3 new songs from our Tuesday-sessions-project that I played straight from an analog fourtrack recorder.
The second two hours was more freestyling, especially towards the end of the show.

No playlist this time.

On the mic we had:
J Riskit (Kylmä)
DJ Kridlokk
Kesken (Saurus)
Dumb (Pigeonheads)
MC Tuuttimörkö
RPK (Ceebrolistics)

pics by Top Eye

we decided to keep this one special for just our live listeners.

posted by: Moonlit

Upcoming Shows!

Monday January 24, 2011

Good news for people in Southern Finland!
We got two shows coming up:
On February 3th - DUMB "PAPERWRISTS" record release party, and the next day, on february 4th - BLUE PHANTOMS NETWORK x Need-A-Beat!

Dumb's record release party will be held in Törstdag Club at Kuudeslinja, Helsinki, and Moonlit Man will also perform live. Free entrance! 23-04.
If you still don't have Dumb's album, you can order it from our webstore or get it at the show. We'll bring other stuff for sale as well.

The next day we'll be performing in Lahti, club Need-A-Beat at Torvi, the phantoms line-up this night is Khid, Ameba, Dumb & Moonlit, with Need-A-Beat DJ's Nätti-Matti & Tim-One. We'll be selling some our music there too. Entrance 5€, 21-03.

In honour of Dumb's record release party, here's Dumb's debut solo tape from 2003/2004:

DUMB - Dumb Shit!
A1 - Everything's Fine
A2 - The Anthem
A3 - Daywalker
A4 - Life In (& Out)
B1 - The Noise
B2 - Honestly
B3 - Float Trip
B4 - Gray Shapes
B5 - Itsbeenawhile feat. Iason

Produced by Dumb, Humanlike (aka Neveready) and Yuckah (aka Kaliyuga Pro). Anti-Party Music, APM003.

Link here
pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio - Freestyle Megashow

Sunday August 22, 2010

this is episode was the s-h-i-t! dope as fuck!

a special four-hour freestyle show.

on the mic we had:
jesse/ekow (megaphone state)
neveready (hämeentie15b cypher / foureyes)
dumb (hämeentie15b cypher / foureyes)
tuuttimörkö (hämeentie15b cypher / sntc-fam)
eibou (hämeentie15b cypher)
ameeba (forbidden forest / syvä vesi)
iwere (children of the sun)
square (children of the sun)
tono slono (vähäiset äänet)
roopek (ceebrolistics)
teeshortie (tonedial)
khid/kridlokk (kylmä)
moonlit man (ghetto styles)
+ puisto-osasto playing some beats & songs.

i was worried that people might not come or that they'd be too nervous to rap but the show turned out the be great. i think the dopest part was at the end when roopek started playing beats. other beat players were me, ameeba and puisto-osasto. eibou, square and i did some scratching as well.


part 1
part 2

posted by: Moonlit

Radio w/ Dumb

Sunday June 13, 2010

Today's guest was Dumb of whom I wrote about earlier (a few posts down).

Dumb performed four songs live and we listened to his upcoming album "Paperwrists" and a lot of other stuff that he is on. I also played a lot of Blue Phantom's stuff from three different albums (of which two are yet to come). Get the Blue Phantoms Network - Chapter 1: The Emerging CD! Chapter 2 is out soon. Oh, I also played a few songs by the Pigeonheads which is me & Dumb, our old project for style-rapping... kinda.

All songs were by Finnish artists. Good stuff. Mostly unreleased.

1. Dumb - T V Add It
2. Tonedial - Expressed Loneliness
3. Ukko feat. TAT200 - Paskaa Saundii
4. Erkkikukko & Olavi Nälkä - Nälkäinen Kukko
5. Pigeonheads - Crooked Officers
6. Pigeonheads - Who Is You?
7. Pigeonheads - Pigeons In Yo Hood
8. Blue Phantoms Network - The Hick & The Urbanite feat. TAT200 & Payperwork
9. Blue Phantoms Network - Road Home feat. Dumb & TAT200
10. Blue Phantoms Network - Searching Halos feat. Dumb
11. Blue Phantoms Network - Way Of The Samurai feat. Dumb & TAT200
12. Blue Phantoms Network - Untitled Verse 2 feat. Dumb
13. Blue Phantoms Network - Our Voices (Get up get out) feat. Moonlit, BC Ghost & Konvince
14. Blue Phantoms Network - Lemonade Stand feat. Dumb, Moonlit, Neveready & Iwere
15. Blue Phantoms Network - Daybook feat. Moonlit, Square, Iwere & Jalien
16. Dumb - A Parachute For Two
17. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke (LIVE)
18. Dumb - Running With Scissors (LIVE)
19. Dumb - Above feat. Moonlit Man
20. Dumb - Unhappy Love Songs
21. Dumb - Dead Bird
22. Dumb - Lights On Lights Off
23. Dumb - Therapist (LIVE)
24. Moonlit Man - Sometimes It Just feat. Dumb (LIVE)
25. Murmurecordings - Blue Livingroom Anthem
26. Kali Yuga - Untitled
27. Mattip - 18 Months
28. Ameeba - Stupidity
29. Kiltit Ihmiset - Untitled feat. Roopek & Dumb
30. Rudy - She Song
31. Payperwork & Andy Gymhill - For A Clock
32. Catch-All - Summer Rain
33. Moonlit Man - Honesty (World Is What We Make It)
34. Korvalappurekords - Huvin Vuoksi

ps. I was quite nervous this time. Dunno why. Maybe it was 'cos I knew I had to rap, and ain't done that live in years. Well, apologies. :)

posted by: Moonlit

Dumb - part 1 (LIVE ON FRIDAY)

Wednesday May 19, 2010

In 2004 at the legendary Anti-Party minifest my jaw dropped when he stepped on the stage and started rapping. I had never heard of him before (except on a Kiltit Ihmiset tape). It hadn't gone more than a minute of his first song when I pushed through the crowd and ran to the encounter at the door to buy the last copy of his first solo tape.

This is the first post about my favorite lyricist, Finland's finest - Dumb.

Dumb is a member of crews such as Four Eyes, Blue Phantoms Network, Pigeonheads and Rillipäät, and during the years circa '04-'07 he put out several incredibly dope underground solo releases - including a book of poetry.

In around '07 dubstep took over the country and a lot of cats went on following heavy basslines. Dumb went there too with his old buddy Neveready and they made a lot of success there.

But Dumb is back with the rap.

The loooooong awaited (first official) album "Paperwrists" will be released later on this year. It was originally supposed to be released as a double-tape many years ago.

He will also be performing a mini-show this Friday in Helsinki Poetry Jam @ Cafe Mascot!!
It will be only a 10-minute performance among other poets, but it's definitely worth going since it's a rare opportunity to see Dumb perform live.

posted by: Moonlit


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