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Radio (Aug 19th): Ameeba, DJTT & Betonipossu

Tuesday August 26, 2014

Fuck, I totally forgot to upload this last show. Sorry folks!

Mostly Finnish music, played by Ameeba, and our yungstas DJ Tuleva Työtön & Betonipossu.

NDGO: Look Out Lion
Michael Black Electro: Initiations
Price: Twenty
Price: Don't Stop
Tommishock: Psykoosiin
Trae The Truth: Shit Crazy
Trae The Truth: Sick Of This Shit
Tommishock: Planetaario
Kalevi X Tamonen: Supernova
Vaaleet Housut: Kruunusta Ei Mitään
Pelikaani: Aina Ei Voi Sataa
Inner X SQR: Kadut
SLTF & Pyhä Toimitus: Pääkallokiitäjä
Suoralinja ft. Samson: Tosi Paha Uni
Nunton ft. Maleven, Likanen Hirmu, Kolmisto & Tuuttimörkö: Yksi Kahdeksan Seitsemän
Microbe ft. Ameeba: Monesti Koitan
Samson: Itket Turhaan ()
Khid X RPK: Kallo (LP)
Eurocrack: Annanlilja (LP)
Mattip ft. Indievidual & Pijall: Purposearchingone (10")
Srkkpjt: Kolahtaa (12")
Betonipossu: Antaa Lintujen Lentää (7")
Mahdi Khaleel Talib: Sumutus
Ameba (Sage One) ft. Nadasdi, Oliwi & Mini: A Day In June 2004 (cassette)
Puisto-osasto ft. Karri: Luckless Lad
Kemmuru: Iltas Pilas (CD)
Kiltit Ihmiset ft. Oliwi: Ei Stressii (cassette)
Juhani: Mites Yö

No download (Mega buggin)

Radio: Aug 19th w/ Ameeba, DJTT & Betonipossu by Ghetto Tyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: "Death Of Record Shops" w/ Mathias Foster (July 22)

Wednesday July 23, 2014

Conversations with Mathias Foster who has worked 11 years altogether in two record shops and witnessed both of them collapse. Mathias is also a fantastic DJ (Paska Sohva, Bassoradio) and a super friendly dude. In addition, he is part of the awesome photographer-crew, EBBP (

First 1/2-hour, a mellow rap-vinyl set by Moonlit.
Last 1/2-hour, Finnish underground-cassette rarities by Betonipossu.

Kankick: Pensive (LP)
People Without Shoes: Green Shoe Laces (Moonlit edit) (12")
Kurious: I'm Kurious (12")
Hieroglyphics: The Who (12")
The Roots: Silent Treatment (Kelo's Mix) (12")
Union Of Opposites: Continuations (LP)
Tribeca Sound: Pride (12")
Aboriginals: The Joint (12")
Raw Produce: Weight Of The World (Remix) (12")
Tha Alkaholiks: Mary Jane (Remix) (12")

Ceebrolistics: Nämä Aallot
Flying Lotus ft. Underachievers: Adventure Sound
Shabazz Palaces: Free Press And Curl
DevL.A: Drowninsound (Self Released) 2014
SolomonDaGod: The Ignorance
Koala: Untitled (Grey Haze + Trim Vocal) (Dubplate) 2014

Ceebrolistics: Hyvia Juttuja
Pietari: Taikuri (Omakustanne)
Juhani: Sandaalit (cassette)
Dj Werd ft. Kiltit Ihmiset & Karri Koira: Ystävyys (cassette)
SLS ft. BMXT: Sytyttävää Musaa (cassette)
Skeletoni: Luusota (cassette)
SinisetPunasetMiehet: Kommandore Kuusnelonen (cassette)

Download here (Mega)

Ghetto Tyylit w/ Mathias Foster (Radio: July 22, 2014) by Ghetto Tyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit

4th Anniversary Show: Video & Photos

Monday May 12, 2014

Here it is, in photos and video!

Live performances by Kube, Pijall, Kesken, Iwere, SQR, PPSH, Hirmu & Skele, Betonipossu, Tuuttimörkö, Iconico, Mindman, Radam...

The full unedited 3-hour video has been on Youtube and Ustream for two weeks already, but an edited version that will appear soon.

Owl Helsinki produced the video stream and Robert Keskinen / EBBP took the photographs.

Note: due to copyright infringements, Youtube has placed some restrictions on this video that may at least require user log-in.

FULL-LENGTH VIDEO: Youtube / Ustream

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Mar 18th

Thursday March 20, 2014

Broadcast from the Basso pop-up studio at Elisa shop, Lasipalatsi.

On deck: Dumb, Iwere, Ameeba & Betonipossu.

Lil Spook: Without U (digi)
Lucki Eck$: Cocaine Woman (digi)
Bishop Light: Eternal Pain (digi)
Luckaleannn: Ride (digi)
Haleek Maul: Forever (digi)
The Natives: Alamut (digi)
NDGO: Prophet
Iglooghost ft. Milo: Frenchopen (cassette)
Mndsgn: Deerghalabati [Zeroh Remix] (digi)
Koreatown Oddity, The: Two Don'ts (cassette)
ThirdEyeAwaknd: Highs & Lows (digi)
The Saukrates: Another Plot Of Uni (cassette)
Blue Sky Black Death & Jean Grae: Even On Your Best Day
Kraken: Money On My Mind
The Underachievers: Melody Of The Free (digi)
Aceyalone & Madlib: K.O. Player (digi)
Antiolla: Kurotat (digi)
Toby One: Violence Riddim V2 (digi)
Khid & RPK: Luoti (digi)
No Good Men: People Come People Go (digi)
Ameeba: Kaupunki Auki Kaupunki Kii (digi)
Dreadlock Tales + Tree Of Dub: Prana Dub [Original Mix] (digi)
Yaja Nur: Hengittää (digi)
Nosaj Thing: Safe (digi)
Chydeone: Elämän Tapailuu (LP)
Juhani: Älkää Bommatko Aikatauluihin (LP)
Didier's Sound Spectrum: Cupol (LP)
Tuomo, TK & Pette ft. Mikko: 4Kaunista (LP)
Payperwork & Mekas: Back From Now (7")
Mexicano Rudy: Kasetti Rules (cassette)
Vihreys: Marjaana [Pt. 2] (cassette)
Kiltit Ihmiset: Pumppaa (cassette)
Nuanz & Dynamic Function: Keväät Repussa (cassette)

Download here (Mega)!

Ghetto Tyylit (March 18th, 2014) w/ Dumb, Iwere, Ameeba & Betonipossu by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit

Abandoning Pengerkatu!

Tuesday March 04, 2014

Unfortunately we need to leave our diggs in Pengerkatu this month, where we've been operating since last September.

We are looking for work + studio space! 
If you have any knowledge of such available in Helsinki, please help us!

Tonight on Ghetto Styles Radio Show we have guest DJ's Ruin & ABSNT. Tune in!

Here's a couple shots from last Saturday's open doors with Mean Seed DJ's, which was a mad fun event!
Below them are shots by Robert Keskinen from the previous Saturday with Betonipossu.

March 1st © Moonlit

March 1st © Moonlit
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen

Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen
Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen

Feb 22nd © R. Keskinen

posted by: Moonlit

Latest additions

Monday February 24, 2014

Betonipossu did a show here on Saturday which was super nice. Thanks to all who visited! Pics below.

We are open again next Saturday, and we're having the Mean Seed dj's playing records here! WELCOME!

Just added to the store:
Betonipossu "Hyviä Keloja" CAS
Flyer & Unwaged "Frigid Zone" CAS
Huge pile of awesome used vinyl! incl. Dereliks, LMNO, Jeru The Damaja, SpaceGhostPurpp, Animal Pharm...


posted by: Moonlit

Open Doors w/ Betonipossu cassette-release show!

Wednesday February 19, 2014

For the first time in two months, we are having the doors open and all records on display again on the upcoming Saturday!

The yung prospect, homie Betonipossu releases his awaited cassette "Hyviä Keloja"!
The 10-song tape features production by fellow Ghetto Styles -affiliates Alexalfons, Inner, Social Outsiders (FTW), Moonlit...
150 copies, published by Hiss Tapes, available through our web-store next Monday!

Open 13:00 - 18:00, Betonipossu at 16:00!
Pengerkatu 15, 00530 Helsinki!

posted by: Moonlit

Finnish underground tapes! (Radio: Jan 21st w/ Betonipossu & DJTulevaTyötön)

Wednesday January 22, 2014

Our guests for the entire two hours were young cats - rapper Betonipossu and producer DJ Tuleva Työtön - both are also fanatic cassette collectors.

So the topic was mainly the Finnish rap-cassette culture.

Betonipossu also hosts an online radio show "Betoninen Helsinki" specialized in Finnish underground rap musis. It's on SayFm every other Monday 20-22. Podcasts available too.

As I mentioned on the show, Pijall of Ceebrolistics has returned to music-making after turning to Islam in 2011. He reads his poems over the ambient production of Valo Lankinen aka Pinewoods.
Listen here:

All selections by Betonipossu & DjTulevaTyötön:
Intro (Moonlit)
Ceebrolistics - Spring
Serkkupojat - Ikävä
Betonipossu - Lempikasetit
Kasi - Kylmyys f/ Pion & Humanlike
Vihreys - Mä Muistan
Kiltit Ihmiset - Untitled f/ Rudy & Pijall
Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu
Juhani - Markkinointi
Iwere - Midsummer's Drowned (DJ Tuleva Työtön)
Iwere - I Made This Song
Ruudolf - Merryhaka Soul
Microbe - Auringon Laskiessa
Ceebrolistics - I Struggle
Pyhimys - Intialainen Enneuni
Vähäiset Äänet - Vähäiset Äänet
Musta Perjantai - Läpi Yön
Nuanz & Dynamic Function - Keväät Repussa

Radio: Jan 21st, 2014 by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit


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