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Radio (Aug 19th): Ameeba, DJTT & Betonipossu

Tuesday August 26, 2014

Fuck, I totally forgot to upload this last show. Sorry folks!

Mostly Finnish music, played by Ameeba, and our yungstas DJ Tuleva Työtön & Betonipossu.

NDGO: Look Out Lion
Michael Black Electro: Initiations
Price: Twenty
Price: Don't Stop
Tommishock: Psykoosiin
Trae The Truth: Shit Crazy
Trae The Truth: Sick Of This Shit
Tommishock: Planetaario
Kalevi X Tamonen: Supernova
Vaaleet Housut: Kruunusta Ei Mitään
Pelikaani: Aina Ei Voi Sataa
Inner X SQR: Kadut
SLTF & Pyhä Toimitus: Pääkallokiitäjä
Suoralinja ft. Samson: Tosi Paha Uni
Nunton ft. Maleven, Likanen Hirmu, Kolmisto & Tuuttimörkö: Yksi Kahdeksan Seitsemän
Microbe ft. Ameeba: Monesti Koitan
Samson: Itket Turhaan ()
Khid X RPK: Kallo (LP)
Eurocrack: Annanlilja (LP)
Mattip ft. Indievidual & Pijall: Purposearchingone (10")
Srkkpjt: Kolahtaa (12")
Betonipossu: Antaa Lintujen Lentää (7")
Mahdi Khaleel Talib: Sumutus
Ameba (Sage One) ft. Nadasdi, Oliwi & Mini: A Day In June 2004 (cassette)
Puisto-osasto ft. Karri: Luckless Lad
Kemmuru: Iltas Pilas (CD)
Kiltit Ihmiset ft. Oliwi: Ei Stressii (cassette)
Juhani: Mites Yö

No download (Mega buggin)

Radio: Aug 19th w/ Ameeba, DJTT & Betonipossu by Ghetto Tyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Dec 11th

Thursday December 13, 2012

Ameeba played a set of his own music like I did a few episodes back.
No playlist of his tracks. Some unreleased (incl. Forbidden Forest, unreleased second album).

Iwere 1-11 / Moonli 12-22 / Ameeba 23...:
1. King Tee - Way Out There [MCA]
2. UTD - Victory
3. Aceyalone - Arhytmaticulas [Capitol]
4. Orko & Odessa Kane - The World You Fear [PostWarTechnology]
5. Asiatic - Gangsta Cars [IHAA]
6. Western Tink - Man In The Mirror [Tae Beast]
7. Jhene Aiko - Growing Apart f/ Kendrick Lamar & HOPE [Sailing Souls]
8. Shania D, 3am, Kandi Cole - Hip Hop Honey
9. Mykki Blanco - Riot [Gobby]
10. Syn228, Myka 9 & Gel Roc - Tell Give Show [Rezult]
11. Showyousuck - Original Chon Chon [Flosstradamus]
12. Killah Priest - From Then Till Now [Heavy Mental]
13. Original Flavor - Keep On (Searching) [1993]
14. O.C. - Stronjay [Jewelz 1997]
15. Boogiemonsters - Whistles In The Wind f/ John Doe [God Sound 1997]
16. Craig Mack - When God Comes [Funk Da World 1994]
17. Mikah 9 - Fruit Don't Fall... [Timetable 2001]
18. Mika 9 - Delusions Of Grandeur [jthesarge.bandcamp]
19. Kevoe - Can't Get No Harder f/ The Prototype [mcprototype.bandcamp]
20. Cali-Rag (Mister CR) - Hard Times
21. Hollywood Squadda - Me N You f/ B-Charlie [Northside Bad Guy]
22. Underachievers - T.A.D.E.D.

Download here (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

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In other news...

Thursday August 02, 2012

Helsinki Hookup weekend:
We reppin' throughout the weekend at Helsinki Hookup skateboard event side-to-side with Roots Culture Movement clothing. We slingin' tapes there all weekend!

Tapanila demo tape:
A promo tape from Tapanila sessions (aka Tuesday sessions) is now available for listen at Good Life Coffee. Tapanila sessions are rapping sessions organized by Plankton & Moonlit in Tapanila, Helsinki. Dozens of songs recorded with friends on a cassette-4-track-recorder since 2010. Honest and raw.
Tape is compiled by DJ Emotion & Moonlit and can be only heard at the Coffee shop.

Photo copyright: Moonlit

posted by: Moonlit

A Piece Of Finland: Vammala

Thursday April 19, 2012

In continuation to my post A Piece Of Finland,

Vammala (a former city in Finland, now a part of Sastamala), an insignificant sparsely populated place in the middle of ass-nowhere where you only expect hicks to drive tractors to town and back and chop wood and kick animals off their way. The last place you expect a unique style of music to be born. Or maybe it's just that why it's so unique 'cos it was born in the middle of damn ass-nowhere. Kinda likeOxnard, California, where Madlib and Kankick are from. A place no-one knows of.

(a few tapes from Vammala cats)

It's not the quantity of artists that come from there, it's the quantity of releases and influence of those artists that do come from there (let's all remember that there are less inhabitants in Finland than in Toronto, Canada).

The "Vammala sound" is very close to nature and that makes it very Finnish, I think. From group names, such as Syvä Vesi (Deep Water) and Forbidden Forest, to song titles can it already be sensed that the music is rooted from depths with reflections from woods, nature, space, dark winter.

Tapes started appearing in early 2000, vast number of releases, in limited pressings. It's like a mob of little elves were making these tapes in the woods, in secret, in respect for the forest, in nature spirit, in funny cone hats.

This far I was really confident that there was a Vammala sound until I realized that the Vammala team is only 3 guys. Ameeba, Microbe & Jalien. And it's mostly Ameeba, actually.


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Ian: Ephemera (2005)

Sunday April 15, 2012

Third solo release from Ian, with guest production by Kiko, Kegs One, and our homie Ameba(!). This cd was released somewhere around 2005 (I think).

password: ghettostyles

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

A Piece Of Finland

Saturday April 07, 2012

This is one those things where you find no words to describe the beauty.

Ameeba (Ghetto Styles, Blue Phantoms Network, Syvä Vesi) did this video with Pablo Films of a song from his upcoming album. Featuring 2/3 of the OG crew Ceebrolistics - Mattip & Pijall.

If you've never been to the arctic region or even if you have, this video will make you want to go there. This made a lot of Finns feel homesick. You don't have to understand to lyrics, just dive in to it.

This is the first out of three music vids from the album "Montako Puuta On Metsä?". Album coming out this month. Record release party and Ghetto Styles club opening in Bassment, Helsinki, 11th of May, with Equipto (Bored Stiff), L*Roneous (Dreamweavers), Z-Man (99th Demention), Mike Meezy & True Justice.

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Radio w/ Julma Henri & RPK

Sunday December 11, 2011

Crazy cassette boom going on in Finland.
So the first hour we played old Finnish tapes and some new ones that are for sale at our store.
First half of the second hour we listened to Ameeba's upcoming album "Montako Puuta On Metsä?" and interviewed him about it.
And the final fourth we had guests Julma Henri & RPK talking about the new "Radio Jihad: Syrjäytynyt vol. 2" album. RPK also mentioned something very interesting about the Srkkpjt project...

So it was Finnish music all the way. MAD SHIEEET!
Next show on Christmas day.

1. Moonlit - Tapeshit [Blue Phantoms Network]
2. UDF - Boys [UDF]
3. Tonedial - Different Kinds Of Lives [UDF]
4. Dumb - Suckas Never Play Me [BPN]
5. Konflikt Underground - Paranoia [BPN]
6. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke promo [APMT 10]
7. Dumb - Running With Scissors [BPN]
8. Microbe - Don't Drop The Lyrics [Live Animation]
9. Syvä Vesi - Kelaavaan
10. Kaliyuga Pro - Untitled 2 [Rajneesh To The Rescue]
11. Children Of The Sun - From The Sun [Hiss Tapes]
12. Tobyone - Good Nightmares [Huggatree]
13. Moonlit - Honesty (World Is What We Make It) [BPN]
14. TAT200 & Iwere - Import Only [BPN]
15. Sage One - Arrows Of Love [Live Animation]
16. Lommo - Liito-oravan Villejä Remix [C-4]
17. Ameeba - Sumua [Ghettotyylit]
18. Ameeba - Läpi [Ghettotyylit]
19. Ameeba feat Pijall - Yksinkertaista [Ghettotyylit]
20. Ameeba - Kun Unelmat Kaatuu [Ghettotyylit]
21. Julma Henri & RPK - Pilvien Yläpuolella [Mörssi]
22. Julma Henri & RPK - Punanen [Mörssi]
23. Julma Henri - Radio Jihad [MÖRSSI]
24. Julma Henri feat. Juju, Konna & Asa - Kiitos [Mörssi]

Download here (4Shared)

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Radio w/ Ameeba, Tono Slono & DJ Kridlokk

Tuesday May 17, 2011

This show was mainly hosted by Ameeba. I played a few tracks.
We did two interviews, first DJ Kridlokk over his new album "UG-Solo", and second Tono Slono over the new "Ghetto Styles -compilation" tape.
Great and interesting show! In Finnish again tho..

1. Tattoo (Moonlit) - Foretracka
2. Kennuf Akbar - You Judge Me
3. Ameeba - To The Light Remix
4. Sumach - Is It Over?
5. Gonjasufi - Ancestors [Warp]
6. Orko Eloheem feat Scarub - Video Game Existance [777 Beats]
7. Shamen12 - Where Im At? [Masters Of The Universe]
8. Tommy V - 4 Rooms [Imprints]
9. Optimus Rhymes - The Phonix, The Serpant [JKC]
10. Greenhouse Effect - Stay Gold
11. Hobo Junction - Dirt Hustlin' [Hobo Records Inc]
12. Shamen12 - Put It On Niggaz [Masters Of The Universe]
13. Spex - Lyrical And Original
14. Insomniac - Parasites
15. DJ Kridlokk - Gnxta [Monsp]
16. DJ Kridlokk - R.I.P. [Monsp]
17. Manson Family - 2 Much
18. Tre - Song Cry
19. Microbe - UG [Ghetto Tyylit]
20. Ceebrolistics - Ulottuvuus [Ghetto Tyylit]

Password: ghettostyles

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Radio - Freestyle Megashow 2

Tuesday April 19, 2011


Four hours of record playing, freestyle, live songs and new yet unreleased recordings from the local talents.

The first two hours I played records with Ameba, incl. a short Living Legends set, and 3 new songs from our Tuesday-sessions-project that I played straight from an analog fourtrack recorder.
The second two hours was more freestyling, especially towards the end of the show.

No playlist this time.

On the mic we had:
J Riskit (Kylmä)
DJ Kridlokk
Kesken (Saurus)
Dumb (Pigeonheads)
MC Tuuttimörkö
RPK (Ceebrolistics)

pics by Top Eye

we decided to keep this one special for just our live listeners.

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Radio: Moonlit & Ameba

Monday March 21, 2011

B2B with Ameba.
Including a bunch of unreleased tracks of our own, and one by Ghetto Chilldren (thanks to Jack Devo for that).

1. Abstract Tribe Unique - Caught Up Rapcha [Massmen]
2. Animal Farm - Vaccine (Fat Jack Remix) [Good Vibe]
3. Mikah9 - American Nightmare
4. Kaliyuga Pro - Another Kind Of Few [Styge]
5. Bizarro - My Collection Of Tapes [Dirtworks]
6. Positive & AG - Good Combination (Kankick Remix) [Fat Beats]
7. Source Of Labor - Overstandigs (Wetlands Remix)
8. Ghetto Chilldren - Elevation
9. Ghetto Chilldren - GC On The 1 & 2s*
10. Vitamin D - Let Go
11. Fundamentals - Stop The World [Kemetic Suns]
12. A-Team - Deep And Wide
13. Ameba - Tender Slayer*
14. Ameba feat. Mattip - Broken
15. Neila ( ameba) - Leave The Light On
16. Moonlit Man - Demolition Derby (Demo)*
17. Moonlit Man - Night Wanderer (snippet)*
18. Constylations - As The World Turns (Esoin)
19. New Moon - Race For The Stars [Siavibe]
20. Hieroglyphics - Step To My Girl
21. Extra Profilic - In Front Of The Kids [Jive]
22. Extra Pro - When You Hoes... (Remix) [Snuper]
23. Westt Kraven - Thiscantbelife
24. Eddie K & DJ Quest - Ghetto Stash [Wide Hive]
25. ABN - I Gotta Survive
26. Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (Shao Lin Version) [Loud Records]
27. Murs - Democrossy [Veritech]
28. Cappaddonna - Run [Sony Music]
29. Abstract Rude & Bukue One - Live Long And Prosper [Massmen]
30. Hieroglyphics - Everyday Of The Week
31. Mars Ill - My Life


pw: ghettostyles

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