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Paper Archives #3: Flyers

Tuesday July 10, 2012

I compiled some flyers that I got from DJ Plankton and DJ Emotion, some from my own collection too. Finnish and Californian.

Broke Ass Summer Jam vol III, 1998, and Tony Da Skitzo's EP announcement. 
DJ Plankton went to California in 1998...

Ab Rude ticket from the Anti-party show in Finland and other Anti-party flyers. Also a ticket from the legendary pre-Anti-party party that was called Moments in '97 with Eclipse 427, Plado & Sumach and the Ceebrolistics. 

Mattip, DJ Plankton, Ameeba & Orko Eloheem did a small tour in Finland and Europe, incl. a big show in Paris w/ Bigg Just of Company Flow. Two flyers from times of Styge Recordings, a dope label that was run by Antti Szurawitzki. 

Lifesaver 3-years anniv. party w/ Didier, Peanut Butter Wolf & Edan in 2002. card. Leppäkosken Rytmi festival flyer where I saw Ameeba & Iwere (Forbidden Forest) for the first time in my life. Also my stamp card from Swamp Music, Tampere, dated 1998 (while I was 12 years old.. I think I bought two Wu-Tang albums that time). 

Two shows where I appeared (as Tattoo and in Dynamic Function). Plankton appearing under his previous name Heman. 

As for bonus, Iwere's unused gift card from the past Syndicate hiphop shop. I figure he lost it or forgot about it in 2001 and now over ten years later found it... what a shame, haha!

posted by: Moonlit

Paper Archives #2: Subculture '96 - Reviews & Catalog

Monday April 04, 2011

A few early-career reviews of Awol One, Emanon, and on top of all, The Farm, which was an Oxnard crew with the producer Kankick. I haven't seen those tapes mentioned anywhere else.
Subculture magazine 1996 (thanks to my man Plankton for these).

An interesting mail-order catalog on the same issue.
Masters Of The Universe stuff, incl. a tape by Bassment, which I haven't run into much either. Also some interesting Project Blowed stuff among others.

Man, a real history research going on right here. Hah!

posted by: Moonlit

Paper Archives #1: Murmurecordings

Wednesday March 09, 2011

Welcome to the first issue of Paper Archives.
We will be bringing (old) magazine articles, pictures, catalogs... stuff you can read/watch and reminisce over or learn about. And, remember, we're always looking for contributers (=send us stuff to publish)!

This first article is about a very important and legendary, perhaps the most legendary, group in Finland, "Murmurecordings". It is from Numero skateboarding magazine, 2nd issue, 1999 (author not mentioned but I'm guessing Mikko Kempas).

The article is in Finnish, but just to let you know something about this group, it is formed by the following OG's:
- Ceebrolistics (members now known as Mattip, RRKK / RPK / Roopek & Michael Black Electro, back then known as Treep, Esaar & Pijall). This is a group that you can NOT miss, where ever you live!
- Iwere (Harri Olin). I don't if anyone has such of collection of records, nor a collection of ones own solo-4-track tapes, nor such a unique style of music
- Plankton. The man who brought the West Coast underground sound the attention of the Finns, the man behind Anti-Party Music (we will be talking about this more later) and Kiltit Ihmiset
- Indievidual (aka Salvador / Mind Man) and DJ Use Only (Tommi Tawast)

They have been a signifigant trendsetters for a long-time in Finland through their own music and collective projects. The first Murmur-album "Poor Local Poetry" is a straight-up classic and featured PSC, Eclipse 427 and a few others.

Get it in PDF here
pass: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit


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