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Radio: Femcees Special Vol. 2

Monday September 05, 2011

Another lady-rappers special. We did the previous episode with Iwere on May, you can find it here. Btw, I forgot to mention that there was one track produced by Kali Yuga Pro. That's the track by Imeuswe of GPAC.

This one I did with DJ Hiihtopipo (of Hiihtopipo & Kavallus, Basso). I only played a few tracks and let our guest play for the rest of the show. Great tunes from mostly west coast and Tennessee gangsta broads.

1. Ghetto Girlz - My Man's Playing Tricks On Me [Avenue]
2. Kylea - Can
3. Beyond Reality - Whatever (Moonlight Remix) [Jasiri Media Group]
4. Stacy Epps - Floatin' [Japanubia Musik]
5. Tunnel Rats (Zane) - Chainge [Uprok]
6. GPAC (Imiuswi) - Indoctrinated [G.P.A.C.]
7. Apani B-Fly Emcee & Jean Grae - We Don't Fuck Around
8. Marvaless - Sacramento [Awol]
9. Sh'killa - Now U Wanna Come Back (Reunited We're Not) [GWK]
10. Gripsta ft. Havikk & Prodeje - Can't Fade This [Tuff Break]
11. Suga T - Livin' For The Weekend [Sick Wid It]
12. Di Di Chill - Ghetto Woman [Funky Dope Jams]
13. 3-Deep - Sucka Free [From The Floor Up]
14. Menajahtwa ft. BG Knocc Out - Kickin Azz [Ruthless]
15. Nutmeg - Nutsac [Raging Bull]
16. Ghetto Twinz ft. G-slimm - Let's Get This Shit Str8 [Big Boy]
17. 380 Dat Lady - Underground Suckers [Cartel]
18. Murder Inc. - Slugfest [Hard Head]
19. II Tru - Back Door [Mo Thugs]
20. Lo-Lo - Entity [Backstreet]
21. Big Blac - Rollin With Da Bitch Squad [Nationwide]
22. D'Meka ft. UGK - Money Stacks [All Net]
23. Mc Money & Gangsta Gold - Ridgecrest Taking Over [Lite Green]
24. Lady B - In My Neighborhood [Gimisum]
25. Princess Loko - Get Da Anna Off [Street Smart]
26. Lady J - Throw Your Hands Up [Lady Bee]
27. Pimpstress - Meet Your Fate [Suave House]

pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Memphis Special

Monday March 07, 2011

We had DJ Kridlokk back, this time to play the full two hours.
It's that dark, slow, rugged and rare Memphis gangsta shit from the ninenties, y'all!

Including a world-premiere of a fresh still chronic-smelling Eevil Stöö track, produced by Koksu Koo. And some fresh Kridlokk tracks too.

A fabulous show indeed. Can't hear this shit nowhere else! Everytime I hear this music it just makes wanna rap so hard. Haha!
Prepare to nod your head the fuck off.

1. Playa 1 & Bloody Bones - DJ Sound Intro
2. MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Load That Ammo
3. Hardcore - Hard To The Core
4. 3MK - Bone Diss
5. Ten Wanted Men - Drop It Off
6. Gimisun Family - I Told Ya
7. 8Ball & MJG - Pimps In The House
8. Cloud 9 Click - Chiefing All The Time
9. Tommy Wright III - Wanted Dead Or Alive
10. Triple 6 Mafia - Grab The Gauge
11. Triple 6 Mafia - Fuck All Dem Hoes
12. Da Crime Click - Million Ways 2 Murda
13. Lil Ramsey - Poverty
14. 187 Family - Getting Faded
15. Eevil Stöö
16. DJ Kridlokk - Sit Ne Delannu FT. Lommo
17. DJ Kridlokk - MIT VIT
18. Eevil Stöö - Kriippaa Yös FT. Koksukoo
19. Lommo - Moon Lommo pt.2
20. Lommo & DJ Kridlokk - Ruuvit Löysällä
21. Royal Famlee - I'm A Thug
22. Shawty Pimp - Mean Stang
23. DJ Sound - Chokey Choke
24. Lil Glock S.O.G - Blow A Nigga Azz Out
25. DJ Sound - Fuck The 5-0
26. Skinny Pimp - Inkmatized ft 211
27. Skimask Troopaz - Sniper
28. Maniac - Pimpin These Hoes

pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio w/ DJ Kridlokk

Monday December 13, 2010

Me & Iwere played for the first hour,
and the second hour was by our special guest DJ Kridlokk
who came in with mad & rare Memphis styles.
Now, if you don't know about Memphis yet,
some true underground gangsta sound have come out of that area in the 90's.
Southern style with that real ghetto sound, really dirty and rugged
'cos ain't none of them had no money for cd-burners and studio equipment, i guess,
so it's all fourtracker and cassette shit. Quick and rhythmic rapping on slow beats, you know how it is. This that shit you never ever hear on radio!
Also a brand new yet unreleased track by our favorite Finnish character Eevil Stöö.

And don't forget, this Thursday Blue Phantoms Network is proud to present "Paperwrists" album by Dumb. Only on CD and very limited. More info of that later.

1. Darkleaf - Alkemy
2. Bedouins - When Did I Die?
3. Emanon - Death Becomes Me
4. Dave Dub & Zest The Smoker - No Photos
5. Zest The Smoker - Max Murder
6. E.I.M. - Planet Rhyme
7. Kirby Dominant - Snow
8. Aegiz - I Saw
9. Enigmatical feat Nadasdi - Drowning (Remix) - Out Of The Blue Crew
10. Misto Soon - Never Alone
11. Peshi - Royal Hunter
12. J-Bizness feat LMNO - Be
13. Nommo Collective / Jahsun Edmonds - Masta Thy Universe
14. Declaime - Gangsta - Someothaship
15. The Nonce - Who Falls Apart - Wild West
16. Microbe - Äänetön Tuuli
17. DJ Spanish Fly - Yeah Nigga
18. Project Pat - F**k A Bitch ft. Juicy J
19. Primo - Orange Mound Killaz
20. Lil Ramsey - Bitch It's A hold Up ft Tommy Wright III
21. Black Mafia - Black Mafia Niggas
22. 196 Clique - No More Mr. Niceguy
23. Eevil Stöö
24.Lady J - All About
25. DJ Paul - Fuck DJ Squeeky ft Skinny Pimp & Homicide
26. Ruff Draft - Gangsta Walk
27. Tommy Wright III - Style Stealaz ft. Ten Wanted Men
28. Dumb - Running With Scissors

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posted by: Moonlit


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