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Radio: Oct 29th

Wednesday October 30, 2013

First off, I'd like to let y'all know that the doors are open again this Saturday at our store, Pengerkatu 15. Come shop and hang, and keep up on the latest updates @ Ghetto Tyylit Record Shop -Facebook-page.

Second, we got a show coming up next week, Sat 9.11, at a secret location in Helsinki. A massive underground party from 9PM 'till 7AM! Our set will be a showcase mixed of deejaying and emceeing. Check the flier below:

Then for last night's radio show! I played old favorites from cassettes and vinyl [1-10] plus Pigeonheads track by me & Dumb of our upcoming cassette-ep. Dumb played vinyl-only set of more melancholic/experimental rap, and Ameeba played mostly chill-out instrumentals, ending with our homeboy Desto's track of his latest album. Great show with lots of different vibes!

1. Pigeon John - Hello Everybody
2. Souls of Mischief - Live And Let Live
3. Mystik Journeymen - Reflections f/ Aceyalone
4. Fat Jack - Counter Cloudwise f/ Of Mexican Descent
5. FTW - I Made This Song
6. Prosperous & Peshi - Leave Me Alone
7. Sach - Look At Me Mean f/ Aceyalone & Yusef
8. Pugsley Atoms, Cosmo Galactus & Optimus Prime - Rush Hour
9. Darkleaf - Alkemy
10. Pigeonheads (Dumb.Moonlit) - Shark Infested [prod.Moonlit]
11. Thavius Beck - On The Axis Of Misunderstanding
12. Gonjasufi - Ancestors
13. Elusive - Eternity feat The Grouch, Eligh, Aesop, Murs & Tom Slick
14. Neila - Gap Brain
15. The Chicharones - Opposite Of Fair
16. Bleubird - Hell Country
17. Cavemen Speak - Acceptance Equals Death
18. Sole - Bottle Of Humans
19. The Painkillers - Guilty Pleasures
20. Murs - Angels f/ The Grouch
21. J Riskit - Upadana
22. Inner - Distant Shop
23. Sipulijaska - Kylmä (Olpek Remix)
24. Kadebostany - The National Fanfare Of Kadebostany
25. Jagged Edge - Walked Outta Heaven
26. Zone 6 Sinister - 3-27-10 Sorrow
27. Olpek - Wind
28. Deniro Farrar - So Many Days
29. Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon)
30. Desto - 4 am

Download here (4shared)!

Radio: 29th of Oct, 2013 by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

posted by: Moonlit

Paperwrists cassette and other new limited editions!

Monday October 21, 2013

On Saturday we held our first "open door day" at the store.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to shop or hang.
Doors are open again on Saturday 2nd of November!

DUMB - PAPERWRISTS (limited cassette edition)
We did 30 copies of Dumb's album Paperwrists on cassette, originally released in 2010 on CDR. It includes the original songs (available for free download at and two remixes (available for listen at The covers on this tape are X-ray images printed on film. Get your own copy for 10€! Available only at our store only!

Other new limited items:
First release from Finnish label Blackened Dust, dope and dark instrumental album from Helsinki.
Comes in a gatefold paper sleeve and a seal bag. Includes the album and a postcard. Yours for 8 euros!

Ghetto Styles affiliate, young producer DJ Tuleva Työtön makes slow, atmospheric and hypnotic beats. He has released a few beats tapes but this is the first with vocal features, incl. Dumb, Iwere, .Moonlit, Betonipossu and Toge, all in Finnish. Definite purchase especially for all Syvävesi-fans!
6 euros!

Latest release from the super-underground Finnish label Crummy Kids!
Experimental lofi music from Helsinki, 6 songs, 6 euros!

Check the store for more!

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Radio: Oct 15th

Wednesday October 16, 2013

Here it be!

Iwere with the first 12 tracks, mostly on vinyl. Mine was mainly vinyl too, tracks 13-22. Ameeba with the rest of the tracks.


1. All Natural - Thinkin' Cap
2. Black Anger - 206 Mixtapes
3. Digable Planets - Nickel Bags
4. Mission - Home feat Mia Doi Todd
5. Infamous Syndicate - It's Alright
6. Shabaam Sahdeeq - It Could Happen feat Shadows In The Dark
7. Bzerkos - Playin The Dozens
8. LMNO - Be
9. Dem One - Hell 12's
10. Gavlyn - Survive
11. Abstract Tribe Unique - Contradictshun
12. Imprints - A Place Called
13. Encore - Think Twice
14. Twisted Mind Kids - I Feel You
15. Third Sight - Artificial Missile
16. Beyond Reality - Whatever (Moonlight Remix)
17. Atmosphere X Pharcyde - God's Bathroom Floor Passin Me By
18. Kwest The Madd Ladd - What's The Reaction
19. Kaliyuga (Osho Players) - Dedication
20. Osho Players - Take It Slow w/ Square & Jalien
21. Supreme Being Unit - Nothing Like Relaxing
22. Alien Nation - Cyberspace Jazz Mix
23. Pepperboy - My All
24. Ras Ceylon - Jah Livez
25. Eurocrack - Annalilja
26. Tommishock X Samae Koskinen - Ei Mitään
27. Bambu - Illuminotme (f/ Brother Ali & Odessa Kane)
28. Denzel Curry - Like Me f/ Steven A. Clark
29. Jae Millz - Guy Fisher f/ VAdo
30. Tommishock X Kalifornia Keke - Fuccta
31. LPG - Judge Not f/ Pigeon John
32. Audiopharmacy - Unkonscience

Download here (4shared)

Radio: Oct 15th, 2013 by Ghettotyylit on Mixcloud

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Radio: Oct 1st

Wednesday October 02, 2013

As me and Dumb did the previous show together, Ameeba & Iwere did this one.

Don't forget to check out Betoninen Helsinki, the new Finnish underground rap show hosted by young homie Betonipossu, on Say FM the upcoming Monday! Previous shows on Mixcloud!

And Darkdays (Dead-O, Khid & Sire) on Basso next Tuesday! Previous shows on Tumblr!

Also, Oukkidouppi is performing live today at Oireklubi, Hämeentie 13 B, Helsinki!

Iwere & Ameeba b2b:
1. Cypha 7 - God Complex
2. Myka 9 - A Vision
3. Ab-Soul - Only 1
4. Abstract Rude & DK Toon - You Ain't Gotta Lie
5. The Grouch - God Bless The Elephant feat Abstract Rude
6. Dead Prez - No Way As The Way
7. G.N.E. feat Ruff Riddems - Precious Time
8. Humble The Poet - The Good Die Young
9. 3NP! - 1-2 feat Gimel Jones & Kim Brazier
10. The Suns - Every Phase Of Life
11. The Suns - Gardens
12. Sageone & Minnylee - To The Light
13. SFC - How I Cope
14. LMNO - Thankster Bogie
15. Murmurecordings Matti The King P - Screw The Evil Pass Me God
16. Michael Black Electro - Auraborealis
17. Orko Eloheim - Everyone's Funeral
18. Shamen 12 - My Soul
19. Odessa Kane - Praises Due feat Don Shamen
20. Orko Eloheim - Forbidden Physics
21. Ras Ceylon - Powerz
22. Blame One - Symphony
23. 3NP! - Family
24. Fundamentals - Mission Statement feat Hypnotic & Kirby Dominant
25. Hypnotic The Native Son - Symmetry
26. White Mic - Lessons feat L'Roneous, Gigio & Dogwood
27. Björk - Joga

Download here (4shared)

posted by: Moonlit


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