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Radio: Cassette Special

Wednesday October 31, 2012

Tapes only. Original rap tapes, no dubs, no rips.
We had the tape deck mic'd again so y'all can hear the good old pause/play click.
This show is not about nostalgia though, just good music beneath the hiss.

Guest selectors were Kali Yuga Pro and DJ Emotion aka Tunnejanne.
Each had to wait for their turn to play a track so this was like a homey living room session, a listening circle.

30th of October, 2012:
1. Evs - The Morning After [Shades Of Grey]
2. Spex - Untitled
3. Himself feat Anacron - Strange Fruit
4. Esoin - Mental Astronaut
5. Mattip - FGM Anthem 1999 [The King Tape]
6. Eyecue - Dirt Hustlin [Hobo Junction]
7. Orko The Sycotik Alien - When Worlds Collide [MOTU]
8. Devil Needs An Afro Abstract Freestyle [MOTU]
9. Kanser - Open Your Eyes
10. Forbidden Forest - In I [Seven Up]
11. Emanon - Blind Individuals [Dream Sequence]
12. Optimus Rhymes - Something I Said [JKC]
13. Awol One feat Mikah Nine - Wake Up Dead [Fat Jack]
14. Awkward Why? - Scott Free feat Sir Syntax
15. Kiltit Ihmiset - Haluisin Vaan Et Hymyilet [Anti-Party]
16. Jizzm - Goodbye [Illasophic]
17. Extra Pro - Can't Reap Til You [Hieroglyphics]
18. Tommy V & Glory - Troubled Times [Imprints]
19. I-Won - Shiloh [Moving Objects]
20. Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke (OG Version) [Neveready]
21. The Basics - Spoken Word [Funk Lab]
22. Zion I - Keepin Me High [418hz Prod]
23. Joseph - Oblique (Remix) [SFSM]
24. Payperwork & Mekas - A Cord In Two
25. Tommy V - Soarin [Imprints]
26. Aloe & Dru - Emanon [Dream Sequence]
27. King Koncepts - Remember [Kemetic Suns]
28. Mystik Journeymen - I'll See Ya feat Krewcial [Outhouse]

Download here (Mediafire)
password: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Oct 16th

Wednesday October 17, 2012

Ameeba (1-10) / Moonlit (11-24) / Iwere (25-37):
1. J Riskit - Yöbussi [VUARI Ep]
2. Ameba - Alla [Syvä Vesi]
3. Aceyalone, Spoon & C.V.E. - Jurassick [Project Blowed]
4. Zagu Brown - Projects [GPAC]
5. Hi-Fidel - The Big Bang Theory
6. 2tall, Dudley & Georgia - Atall
7. Loost Koos - Uusia Ajatuksia [Monsp]
8. LMNO - Looking Glass (feat Jon T) [J Bizness]
9. Ameeba - Toisinaan [Syvä Vesi]
10. Murmurecordings - What's The Reason To Hold Back [Murmurecordings]
11. Neako - LVLNWK [Moby prod]
12. Neako - Stand Tall [Wide Awake Dreaming]
13. Joeybagadoughnuts - Sixtyniner (feat Supa & Left Leberra) [Boards Of Canada]
14. Meanz Of Operation - Endorphines And Pheromones
15. Crome - Let Me Be
16. Danny Brown - Baseline [Fools Gold]
17. Dave Cappa - Get Right
18. Ape9 - Make The Tape Pop (Yosef Una Remix)
19. Aceology (AC3) - Mxdnxght Crvxse [Smoke Gang]
20. Hyvöi - Planeetat [unreleased]
21. Moonlit - Crows On The Corpses [Ghetto Tyylit]
22. Moonlit - Dreamin Of The Usual []
23. J Riskit - Tyhmä feat Krid [Liikaa EP]
24. Mummy Fortuna's Theatre Company - Sorry [Lex]
25. Khalil Nova - Bass Control
26. Metro Zu feat Strenph - 5th Dimension
27. DJ Drez feat Eligh & Grouch - Hallways & Doors [Battle Axe]
28. Seasunz & J. Bless feat - Food Fight [Earth Amplified]
29. Logik Provider feat Kemit Qutob - South Central Rasta
30. Rise & Shine - In & Out
31. Us Pros feat Scarub & Voice Watson - Have You Seen Us (Beat Ventroloquists Remix)
32. Nemo Achida - Soundtrack
33. Divine Scienze feat Sene, Blu & Britain Parker - Happiness Is
34. Dag Savage feat Co$$ & Fashawn - Cali Dreamin'
35. Surge MDR - No Politicians [Speak Easy]
36. Noah B X Gamera - Jade Pyramid
37. Jessica Jalbert - Necromancy (Kuhrye-oo Remix)

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Oct. 2nd

Thursday October 04, 2012

Show from last Tuesday.
A few new Moonlit songs again (go to

Iwere (1-9) / Moonlit (10-24) / Ameeba (25-35):

1. Neveready - Ruychaver Straat [Nexgen]
2. Tribeca Sound - Street Jazz [Downlow]
3. Company Flow - Creepin Round Corners 94 [Official]
4. Khromozomes - Say Word f/ Infared [Ely Street 1997]
5. Kam - Every Single Weekend [Qwest]
6. Ice-T - Gotta Lotta Love (Fat Jack remix)
7. Above The Law - Deep Az The Root [Tommy Boy 1997]
8. Crooked Lettaz - I Know [Penalty 1999]
9. Lil Champ FWAY - Lost In My World f/ Harvey G [King Marty]
10. Death Grips - I've Seen Footage [Money Store]
11. Death Grips - Lil Boy [No Love Deep Web]
12. Scab Party (Awol One) - Thousand Dead Hipsters [Bandcamp]
13. Long John - Ugliest Bitch [Moonlit 2012]
14. Long John - Dumb Bitch [Moonlit 2012]
15. Muhtimin - Ylijään [soundcloud/muhtimin]
16. Inner - Pyramid [soundcloud]
17. Murmurecordings (Indievidual) - Moment With Wine
18. Moonlit - A Cigarette Break [soundcloud/moonlitmane]
19. Zest Da Smoker - My Old Nasty Habit [High Art]
20. Sumach - Chokra [Dead Midgets On Stil]
21. Zagu Brown, Xololanxinxo, JonJon - Untitled [GPAC Above It All]
22. Kraken - Subliminal [GoodVibe]
23. West Kraven - Fill Me [Fo Tha Cheeze]
24. Z Man - Can't Sleep (4 Hours Of Sleep]
25. Three Melancholy Gypsies - A Gypsy's Belief
26. It's Nique, Loaded Lux, Spaceghostpurpp... - Sinister Flow
27. Delon Deville - Labcoat Chemist feat Jose Cuervo [Parafenelia]
28. LMNO - Be [J Bizness]
29. Zion I - Boom Bib feat Goapele
30. 3NP! - Breath Of Life [Council Of The Wise]
31. I-An-I - My Grind
32. Big K.R.I.T. - Insomnia [4eva N A Day]
33. Tommy Wright III - I Can Relate ft C9, Princess Loko, Project Pimp & LaChat [Street Smart]
34. Jizzm, Xololanxinxo & Puzoozoo Watt - Travel The Hurt Client Mix [Kenji451]
35. Aapeli - Ihmepyöräni Cover

Download here (Mediafire)
pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit


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