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Radio: July

Wednesday July 25, 2012

Here's the two shows from July.

First one on July 10th, Iwere & Ameeba played "crew cuts" or in other words "posse tracks" back-to-back.

Second one on July 24th, Iwere & Moonlit played four 30-minute sets.

July 10th:
Iwere X Ameeba (crew cut special):

1. Above The Law - Untouchable [Ruthless]
2. Meen Green, Ganjah K & Supherb - WST [Beats And Rhymes]
3. Deeskee - aka Live In Moss Beach f/ 2Mex, Liferexall, Doc Lewd, Matre, Maleko, Subtite… [Subversiv*Rec 2003]
4. Freestyle Fellowship - Heavyweights f/ PEACE, Cockney O, Archie, Vol 10, Mikah9, Self Jupiter, Spoon… [1993]
5. Omid - Farmers Market f/ Xololanxinxo, Jizzm, Radioinactive, Awol One & Circus [Beneath The Surface]
6. Mash23, Trust One, Dr. Zarkov, Rinasanz, Sighphur - Rest In Peace Moderfire One [Formula Abstract]
7. Heltah Skeltah - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka f/ OGC As The Fab 5 [1996 Nocturnal]
8. Hieroglyphics - The Who (A-Plus Mix) [Hiero 1997]
9. Murmurecordings - Strike A Pose f/ 427, Division, Treep, PSC, Pijall, Esaar & Angelo [Murmurecordings]
10. Subtitle - Mark Luv Mixtape Song f/ Mykill Myers, LMNO, MURS, PSC, Posiedon, Able Bodi [J Dilla]
11. Kirby Dominant - Chosen Few f/ Kemetic Suns, 427 & Eligh [Dominant 1998]
12. JLMA HNRI X RPK - Eurocrack Rocks f/ Kube, Aztra, Khid, Lommo, Ameeba & Mindman [Mörssi]

13. XXXXX - If You Are Not Cute [Enigmatical]
14. Dumb - Grey Shapes [Dumb Shit]
15. Misfitz Ov Stylz - To The Fullest
16. Neveready - Ruychaver Straat [Nexgen records 2012]
17. Little Aida - Confessions [Downsal Plastics]
18. Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (KaliYuga Pro Remix)
19. Union Of Opposites - What's It Worth [Tribal Music]
20. Justin Morales - Searching
21. Isosceles - Clean Slate '98
22. Murmurecordings - Blue Livingroom Anthem [Murmurecordings]

Download (Mediafire)
passw: ghettostyles

July 24th

1. Khalil Nova - Novaudio
2. Khid - Mitä Ne Tietää
3. Jamil Suleman - Dreamin'
4. MerCure Dior X A$AP Ant - Gush [Sarafis Midas]
5. Jarv Dee - I Just Wanna (at 10.420 am)
6. Thaddeus David - Let It Loose
7. K-The-I??? - Just Listen [Mush]
8. Stacy Epps - Floatin
9. Nonameko - Brotha

10. Lil B - I Forgive You []
11. Dre Stone - 1 & Only
12. Betonipossu - Sateinen Keskiviikko
13. Eevil Stöö X Koksu Koo - Videopeliukko [Monsp]
14. Eevil Stöö X Koksu Koo - Älä Duunaa Mitään Paskaa [Monsp]
15. Mestizo - 808 (Free Perk Mix) [Prod by Joe Dub]
16. Schoolboy Q - Blessed f/ Kendrick Lamar

17. Nut-Meg - Ghetto's Child [Raging Bull]
18. Abstract Tribe Unique - Caught Up In The Rappcha [Massmen]
19. Peace 586 - Rhimespiritsoul
20. Sumach - Laundree
21. Anacron - Nite Owl
22. The Grouch - Wish You A Good Day
23. Global Phlowtations - Global Phlowtations f/ Ab Rude & Orko
24. Lejend - Prosperous
25. Puzoozoowatt - Tippy Toes

26. I-an-I - Think It Over
27. Black Soultan - Terrorist Cells f/ Nocando
28. Riff Raff McGriff - Tell Em (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)
29. Omni - Vibrationz
30. Primeridian - Our Life's Passion [Da Allnighta]
31. Tommy V - No Sunshine f/ Noel [Imprints]
32. Lyric Jones - Sunshine
33. P.U.D.G.E. - This Cannot Be All It Is
34. 3 Shades Of Rhythm - Boom Kaka Boom
35. Khalil Nova - Lovers Cliff

Download (Mediafire)
passw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Paper Archives #3: Flyers

Tuesday July 10, 2012

I compiled some flyers that I got from DJ Plankton and DJ Emotion, some from my own collection too. Finnish and Californian.

Broke Ass Summer Jam vol III, 1998, and Tony Da Skitzo's EP announcement. 
DJ Plankton went to California in 1998...

Ab Rude ticket from the Anti-party show in Finland and other Anti-party flyers. Also a ticket from the legendary pre-Anti-party party that was called Moments in '97 with Eclipse 427, Plado & Sumach and the Ceebrolistics. 

Mattip, DJ Plankton, Ameeba & Orko Eloheem did a small tour in Finland and Europe, incl. a big show in Paris w/ Bigg Just of Company Flow. Two flyers from times of Styge Recordings, a dope label that was run by Antti Szurawitzki. 

Lifesaver 3-years anniv. party w/ Didier, Peanut Butter Wolf & Edan in 2002. card. Leppäkosken Rytmi festival flyer where I saw Ameeba & Iwere (Forbidden Forest) for the first time in my life. Also my stamp card from Swamp Music, Tampere, dated 1998 (while I was 12 years old.. I think I bought two Wu-Tang albums that time). 

Two shows where I appeared (as Tattoo and in Dynamic Function). Plankton appearing under his previous name Heman. 

As for bonus, Iwere's unused gift card from the past Syndicate hiphop shop. I figure he lost it or forgot about it in 2001 and now over ten years later found it... what a shame, haha!

posted by: Moonlit

Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album

Sunday July 08, 2012

Boogiemonsters - Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album cassette rip. Boogiemonsters is Mondo McCann, Yodared, Myntric & Vex Da Vortex.

passward ghettostyles

posted by: Unknown

Ghetto Tyylit LIVE @ Kuudeslinja

Tuesday July 03, 2012

If you in Finland and down in H-K-I, come to see our show at Kuudes Linja! We joining forces with the Thursday club "Törstdag" and have emcees on stage and dj's on decks, all Ghetto Tyylit family. Lineups are unannounced because it's "session style", meaning anyone of us might perform a song or two or a full show, alone or together, whatever. So we ain't about to drop no names, it's all just Ghetto Styles, feel me?

And it's free! 11PM-04AM, shows start around 1AM. Bieeeeeeeeeetch.

posted by: Moonlit


Monday July 02, 2012

Show from last Tuesday, 26th of June.

This time I played a classic west coast underground set, contrary to my last week's east coast set. Mostly vinyl tracks again, except for the Capitol AK track (from the ultra tight Urban Strife comp.). Also premiered a new remix of my song "Viisaat".
Iwere gave us some of that classic east coast vibe and some totally unheard artists [again], and Ameeba's set was quite typical of him: west coast rarities mixed with new rap mixed with Finnish / Swedish jewels. Tight though!

Ps. Helsinki people! Ghetto Tyylit live shows and dj's at Kuudes Linja this Thursday! Don't miss it!

1. Moonlit - Ghettostylebreak [Ghetto Tyyyyylit]
2. Capitol AK - Blown Upp! [Urban Strife]
3. Anacron - Good Friday [Galapagos4]
4. Phunky Dialect - L.A.P.D. [Immortal]
5. Tony Da Skitzo - Storm Brewing [Limbo Street]
6. Dr. Doom, Aceyalone & Lady Blue - What Means Something [Massmen]
7. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Just Like A Test [Bomb Hip Hop]
8. Xololanxinxo - She [Nerve Deafness]
9. Eclipse & Khaleedah - Give Me The Mic [Lowcal]
10. H.S.D. - Despite [Beats And Rhymes]
11. Fundamentals - Love… [Kemetic Suns]
12. Moonlit - Viisaat Remix [Ghetto Tyylit]
13. Scatter Brain & V-Rock - Memoirs Of Butch Cassidy []
14. Blak Twang feat Fallacy - Home Grown [Sound Of Money]
15. I.G. Off & Hazadous - This Ain't Livin' [Beyond Real]
16. De La Soul - Stakes Is High (DJ Spinna Remix) [Tommy Boy]
17. Leaders Of The New School feat Cracker Jax & Rumpl - Spontaneous Remix [Elektra]
18. Bahamadia - Total Wreck Remix [Chrysalis]
19. UTD - Manifest Destiny (J-swift Version) [Payday]
20. KMD feat. MF Grimm - What A Nigga Know Remix [Elektra 1994]
21. Watusi - My Madness Pt. 2 [Necropolis]
22. Shamen 12 - It's A Risk [Masters Of The Universe]
23. Deniro Farrar - Prayer Before Suicide
24. Aztra - Jää feat. RPK [Kadonneen Aarteen Metsästys]
25. Westt Kraven - This Can't Be Life [longwayfromhome ep]
26. Pijall - Philantrophism [Ceebrolistics]
27. Big K.R.I.T. - Package Store [4eva N A Day]
28. Suns - Ancient Wayz [Millenium Music]
29. Julma Henri - Liian Pienet [Radio Jihad]
30. Nadasdi & Rodan - Airborne Inspiration [Yesterday Made]
31. Illogic Feat Andee - The Pulse Of Yesterday

Ova' here (Mediafire)!
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posted by: Moonlit


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