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Radio - Femcees Special

Monday May 30, 2011

A lady-rappers special. This one was totally off the hook, I must say. One of my favorite shows.
Me and Iwere played back-to-back.
Bigup to Tonedial girls from Finland and Rodan & Peshi from Sweden! Bigup to all lady rappers around the world! Y'all so dope.

INTRO I - 1. Gang Starr - Mostly Tha Voice [Chrysalis]
INTRO I - 2. Gabriel Teodros - Warriors
3. NidoubleKi - No Understanding [Supreme Ent.]
4. Mystic & Angel - Ok... Alright
5. Medusa & Koko (S.I.N.) - Diva's Den
6. Figures Of Speech - Alpha Omega
7. Bahamadia - Spontaneity [Chrysalis]
8. Ninety-9 - Magilla
9. Apani B Fly Emcee - Narcotic [Mary Joy]
10. Sha-Key - Soulsville
11. Imeuswe - Untitled verse [GPAC]
12. Miki Vale & Georgia Anne Muldrow - Bending
13. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime - Mages Sages II [MellowMusicGroup]
14. Vida Killz - Final Home (Remix)
15. Tonedial (Minnylee, Teeshortie & Otniel) - God Can
16. Peshi - Flapping Pages [Outofthebluecrew]
17. Peshi - Changed Me
18. Nadasdi & Rodan - Moonriders [Outofthebluecrew]
19. Sista Sticks - Symphony [Cobra LA]
20. B.R. - Revival [Beyond Reality]
21.Ms. Dezy - Dearest Daddy [Someothaship]
22. Vida Killz - No H8 [Isolated Wax]
23. Eagle Nebula - Black Betty 2010 Voltron Mix
24. Jun Dax - Taste Of Tears
25. Topic - Heart Like A Jukebox [Beyond Space Ent.]
26. Jean Grae - Live 4 U [Third Earth Music]
27. Neila - Bounce Back [Grimm Image]
28. Scarub - Shadows (ft. Amazon)
29. Love N Props (T-Love) - Nobody Knows My Name [Southpaw]
30. Lady J - Triple Tongue
31. Da 5 Footaz (Neb Luv & Jah Skillz) - P.M.S.
32. JNatural, JRoz & Dj Ray Ray Raw - Justice Rose [Project Blowed]
33. Mahasin (Hobo Junction) - Dollars 4 Betting
34. Medusa - My Momma Raised A G [Feline Science]
35. Soulution feat Stacy Epps & Rita J - Open Your Window
36. Peace 586 - Just A Hip Hop Love Song feat. Zane [Tunnel Rats]

Mp3 here
pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Shapeshifters - Unreleased

Friday May 27, 2011

After many years of being bugged by people asking for old Shapeshifters demos and songs, Circus finally decided to release a collection of unreleased Shapeshifters material in the early 2000. With the help of some guy named Sam they burned four different cd-r compilations, each containing a different set of mostly unreleased tracks. Only about 50-100 copies of each cd were made, and they were sold (or given away) to selected fans.

The Shapeshifters : Appocalips = Truth
The Shapeshifters : Gangstaz 4 God
The Shapeshifters : Unwanted Redhead Bastard Stepchild
The Shapeshifters : Useless B-Sides

password for all links: ghettostyles

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Masters Of The Universe: Bak 2 The Future (1995) - cassette version, side B (live/freestyles)

Friday May 27, 2011

As requested, the b-side of "Bak 2 The Future" cassette. Contains all those songs which were left off the cd-version. ( cd is still available for sale at Access Hip Hop )

password: orko

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Radio w/ Ameeba, Tono Slono & DJ Kridlokk

Tuesday May 17, 2011

This show was mainly hosted by Ameeba. I played a few tracks.
We did two interviews, first DJ Kridlokk over his new album "UG-Solo", and second Tono Slono over the new "Ghetto Styles -compilation" tape.
Great and interesting show! In Finnish again tho..

1. Tattoo (Moonlit) - Foretracka
2. Kennuf Akbar - You Judge Me
3. Ameeba - To The Light Remix
4. Sumach - Is It Over?
5. Gonjasufi - Ancestors [Warp]
6. Orko Eloheem feat Scarub - Video Game Existance [777 Beats]
7. Shamen12 - Where Im At? [Masters Of The Universe]
8. Tommy V - 4 Rooms [Imprints]
9. Optimus Rhymes - The Phonix, The Serpant [JKC]
10. Greenhouse Effect - Stay Gold
11. Hobo Junction - Dirt Hustlin' [Hobo Records Inc]
12. Shamen12 - Put It On Niggaz [Masters Of The Universe]
13. Spex - Lyrical And Original
14. Insomniac - Parasites
15. DJ Kridlokk - Gnxta [Monsp]
16. DJ Kridlokk - R.I.P. [Monsp]
17. Manson Family - 2 Much
18. Tre - Song Cry
19. Microbe - UG [Ghetto Tyylit]
20. Ceebrolistics - Ulottuvuus [Ghetto Tyylit]

Password: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio - Moonlit & Iwere

Monday May 02, 2011

Another great show with Iwere.
I was prepared to play a bunch of tapes but there was some troubles with the tape deck.
Played them all tho I had to push the high-EQ to the max and it was barely enough.
Any contributions for a new tape deck are accepted! ;)

Peep the tracks 12 & 13, some really dope but forgotten Finnish stuff.
I played the first hour, Iwere the second:

1. Hi-Tech - Continuosly f/ Promoe
2. Misfitz Ov Stylz - Sunday
3. Top Ramen - Elevation
4. Tim Sears - One Of Us (Pros)
5. (unknown artist) - Let'em Have It [A Sound For Sore Ears]
6. San Francisco Street Music - Puttin Rap In It's Place [Antiparty]
7. LPG - Listenin [SMG]
8. PID - The Book [Frontline]
9. Boogiemonsters - Mark Of The Beast [EMI]
10. Hitman - Real Niggers [Echo Unlimited]
11. Blueprint - No Half Smokin' [Rhymesayers]
12. Payperwork & Mekas - Kidwitapen
13. The Rudimentals - Pressure Drop [Kool Kat]
14. Scienz Of Life - U.S.A. [Intergalactic Ent.]
15. Monster Island Czars - Escape From Monsta Isle (Rodan, Megalon, Kong & Spiega) [Fat Beats / Metal Face]
16. King Geedorah - I Wonder f/ Hassan Chop [Big Dada]

17. Rise And Shine - Priceless
18. Thaione Davis & Iomos Marad - Keys Of Life [Birthwrite]
19. Lootpack - Female Request Line [Crate Diggas Palace]
20. Equipto, FDOG & Dregs One - Everyday
21. Maleko feat Nappy Dread - One Of These Days [Knew West]
22. Flii - Take The Game [Tripek]
23. Zest The Smoker - Interruptions [Stones Throw]
24. Lil B The Based God - Birth Of Rap []
25. Lil B The Based God, Jean Grae & Phonte - Base For Your Face []
26. Children Of The Sun - Planets [COTS Forever]
27. Sergio Hernandez - Billboards [Livin Dead]
28. Ras K'Dee - Now I'm Here [Nucuma]
29. Mister CR & Jay Pistola - United Snakes Of Amerikkka
30. Lawless Element feat Diverse - ... Something (Remix) [Babygrande]

Here it is, Mediafire
password: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit


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