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Radio: Moonlit & Ameba

Monday March 21, 2011

B2B with Ameba.
Including a bunch of unreleased tracks of our own, and one by Ghetto Chilldren (thanks to Jack Devo for that).

1. Abstract Tribe Unique - Caught Up Rapcha [Massmen]
2. Animal Farm - Vaccine (Fat Jack Remix) [Good Vibe]
3. Mikah9 - American Nightmare
4. Kaliyuga Pro - Another Kind Of Few [Styge]
5. Bizarro - My Collection Of Tapes [Dirtworks]
6. Positive & AG - Good Combination (Kankick Remix) [Fat Beats]
7. Source Of Labor - Overstandigs (Wetlands Remix)
8. Ghetto Chilldren - Elevation
9. Ghetto Chilldren - GC On The 1 & 2s*
10. Vitamin D - Let Go
11. Fundamentals - Stop The World [Kemetic Suns]
12. A-Team - Deep And Wide
13. Ameba - Tender Slayer*
14. Ameba feat. Mattip - Broken
15. Neila ( ameba) - Leave The Light On
16. Moonlit Man - Demolition Derby (Demo)*
17. Moonlit Man - Night Wanderer (snippet)*
18. Constylations - As The World Turns (Esoin)
19. New Moon - Race For The Stars [Siavibe]
20. Hieroglyphics - Step To My Girl
21. Extra Profilic - In Front Of The Kids [Jive]
22. Extra Pro - When You Hoes... (Remix) [Snuper]
23. Westt Kraven - Thiscantbelife
24. Eddie K & DJ Quest - Ghetto Stash [Wide Hive]
25. ABN - I Gotta Survive
26. Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (Shao Lin Version) [Loud Records]
27. Murs - Democrossy [Veritech]
28. Cappaddonna - Run [Sony Music]
29. Abstract Rude & Bukue One - Live Long And Prosper [Massmen]
30. Hieroglyphics - Everyday Of The Week
31. Mars Ill - My Life


pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

West Kraven: Universe Horror Nites (1998)

Friday March 18, 2011

Another dope Masters Of The Universe release from 1998, "Universe Horror Nights" by West Kraven. Guest appearances by Orko, Averb and Odessa Kane (known as Matrix at the time). (The original cover art is different from the reissue shown above)

1. X-Files Intro
2. 7646 (w/ Orko & Averb)
3. My Belove-It Kore
4. So Lame At Tha Kraft (w/ Matrix)
5. My Brothers Blood
6. Put It Down Tight
7. X-Files Outtro

password: orko

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Atom Twelve (aka Shamen 12): The 12 Kommandments (1996)

Wednesday March 16, 2011

Debut(?) album by Shamen 12, from 1996 when he was known as Atom Twelve. The cover art shown above is from reissue version, but this MP3 is ripped from the original 1996 tape with slightly better sound quality..

password: orko

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Shamen 12: Master Piece Theater (1998)

Wednesday March 16, 2011

Another rare tape from Shamen 12, this EP is from 1998. Most of these songs appear on the "Hall Of Fame..." album (which I posted earlier).

1. Where I'm At
2. Terminal Island
3. Interlude
4. Freestyle
5. Blud Drippin
6. Outro

password: orko

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Shamen 12 : Hall Of Fame, Fortune & Death

Tuesday March 15, 2011

Now here's a treat for all Masters Of The Universe fans... a rare album by Shamen 12 (aka Atom12) from around 1998-2000(?). I believe this was available on cd-r but I've never seen it anywhere.. mp3 ripped from a cassette dub (thanks again to my homie Simo).

download link

password: orko

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Paper Archives #1: Murmurecordings

Wednesday March 09, 2011

Welcome to the first issue of Paper Archives.
We will be bringing (old) magazine articles, pictures, catalogs... stuff you can read/watch and reminisce over or learn about. And, remember, we're always looking for contributers (=send us stuff to publish)!

This first article is about a very important and legendary, perhaps the most legendary, group in Finland, "Murmurecordings". It is from Numero skateboarding magazine, 2nd issue, 1999 (author not mentioned but I'm guessing Mikko Kempas).

The article is in Finnish, but just to let you know something about this group, it is formed by the following OG's:
- Ceebrolistics (members now known as Mattip, RRKK / RPK / Roopek & Michael Black Electro, back then known as Treep, Esaar & Pijall). This is a group that you can NOT miss, where ever you live!
- Iwere (Harri Olin). I don't if anyone has such of collection of records, nor a collection of ones own solo-4-track tapes, nor such a unique style of music
- Plankton. The man who brought the West Coast underground sound the attention of the Finns, the man behind Anti-Party Music (we will be talking about this more later) and Kiltit Ihmiset
- Indievidual (aka Salvador / Mind Man) and DJ Use Only (Tommi Tawast)

They have been a signifigant trendsetters for a long-time in Finland through their own music and collective projects. The first Murmur-album "Poor Local Poetry" is a straight-up classic and featured PSC, Eclipse 427 and a few others.

Get it in PDF here
pass: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Memphis Special

Monday March 07, 2011

We had DJ Kridlokk back, this time to play the full two hours.
It's that dark, slow, rugged and rare Memphis gangsta shit from the ninenties, y'all!

Including a world-premiere of a fresh still chronic-smelling Eevil Stöö track, produced by Koksu Koo. And some fresh Kridlokk tracks too.

A fabulous show indeed. Can't hear this shit nowhere else! Everytime I hear this music it just makes wanna rap so hard. Haha!
Prepare to nod your head the fuck off.

1. Playa 1 & Bloody Bones - DJ Sound Intro
2. MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Load That Ammo
3. Hardcore - Hard To The Core
4. 3MK - Bone Diss
5. Ten Wanted Men - Drop It Off
6. Gimisun Family - I Told Ya
7. 8Ball & MJG - Pimps In The House
8. Cloud 9 Click - Chiefing All The Time
9. Tommy Wright III - Wanted Dead Or Alive
10. Triple 6 Mafia - Grab The Gauge
11. Triple 6 Mafia - Fuck All Dem Hoes
12. Da Crime Click - Million Ways 2 Murda
13. Lil Ramsey - Poverty
14. 187 Family - Getting Faded
15. Eevil Stöö
16. DJ Kridlokk - Sit Ne Delannu FT. Lommo
17. DJ Kridlokk - MIT VIT
18. Eevil Stöö - Kriippaa Yös FT. Koksukoo
19. Lommo - Moon Lommo pt.2
20. Lommo & DJ Kridlokk - Ruuvit Löysällä
21. Royal Famlee - I'm A Thug
22. Shawty Pimp - Mean Stang
23. DJ Sound - Chokey Choke
24. Lil Glock S.O.G - Blow A Nigga Azz Out
25. DJ Sound - Fuck The 5-0
26. Skinny Pimp - Inkmatized ft 211
27. Skimask Troopaz - Sniper
28. Maniac - Pimpin These Hoes

pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit


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