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Upcoming Shows!

Monday January 24, 2011

Good news for people in Southern Finland!
We got two shows coming up:
On February 3th - DUMB "PAPERWRISTS" record release party, and the next day, on february 4th - BLUE PHANTOMS NETWORK x Need-A-Beat!

Dumb's record release party will be held in Törstdag Club at Kuudeslinja, Helsinki, and Moonlit Man will also perform live. Free entrance! 23-04.
If you still don't have Dumb's album, you can order it from our webstore or get it at the show. We'll bring other stuff for sale as well.

The next day we'll be performing in Lahti, club Need-A-Beat at Torvi, the phantoms line-up this night is Khid, Ameba, Dumb & Moonlit, with Need-A-Beat DJ's Nätti-Matti & Tim-One. We'll be selling some our music there too. Entrance 5€, 21-03.

In honour of Dumb's record release party, here's Dumb's debut solo tape from 2003/2004:

DUMB - Dumb Shit!
A1 - Everything's Fine
A2 - The Anthem
A3 - Daywalker
A4 - Life In (& Out)
B1 - The Noise
B2 - Honestly
B3 - Float Trip
B4 - Gray Shapes
B5 - Itsbeenawhile feat. Iason

Produced by Dumb, Humanlike (aka Neveready) and Yuckah (aka Kaliyuga Pro). Anti-Party Music, APM003.

Link here
pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Radio: Plankton & Iwere

Monday January 24, 2011

I was thinking what would be the best DJ-line-up for this show, and without any hesitation I thought of this couple. They are THE legends. THE grandmasters. Atleast in my opinion.
I was there just to watch aside and host some.
Iwere has been on this show a bunch of times before (and he always has lots of stuff to play that I ain't never heard of) but Plankton has only been here once before. 2 hours just ain't enough to listen to these guys play.

Plankton's selection:
1. Kankick - To The Ghetto (Style)
2. Medusa w/ Abstract Rude & Alien Nation - Top Secret [SIN]
3. Nommo Collective - Ain't Ready [Edmonds Enterprizes]
4. Orko w/ Sumach - Mouth Of Maddness [Addictive Sounds Rec]
5. Retnia w/ Orko - Life Line [B. Kinfolk Music]
6. West Kraven w/ Matrix - So Lame At The Kraft [Darkside Records]
7. Awol One w/ Ex2, OMD & Danu - Demo Killa [Awol One]
8. Emanon - ?

Iwere's selection:
9. Sun Araw w/ Matthewdavid - Live At Sun Ark Aug 7 2010 excerpt [Leaving Records]
10. Build An Ark - Always There (Nobody Remix feat Sach) [Plug Research]
11. Bored Stiff - JoJo's Song [Hella Records]
12. Culture Identity - JoJo's Song [SFSM]
13. Bored Stiff - The Soil [Hella Records]
14. Digital Underground - Wussup Wit The Luv [Tommy Boy]
15. Blaque Spurm f/ FYNE - Splendid [Contract]
16. LMNO - Thankster Boogie [Up Above]

Plankton & Iwere B2B:
17. Sidus Idiom - Moments To Ruin
18. Gengis Khan - Super Man [Masters Of The Universe]
19. Nomatik Mind Travlers w/ Joe Dub - Up In The Air
20. Maleko, Spaceranger, Mr Mad & Raj - Dismantled [Biofidelic]
21. Kankick - Outer Nard [Fat Beats]
22. Eagle Nebula - Street Shrine [Epistrophik Peach So]
23. Young Joseph w/ Abstract Rude - Life And Trials Of An MC [High Ground]
24. Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - Keep It True [Capitol]
25. ? (Eclipse 427) - ?
26. NoCanDo - America's Idol [Hellfyre Club]
27. Rakim & Mobb Deep - Hoodlum (Adlib Remix)
28. J-Bizness feat LMNO & Jon T - Looking Glass
29. Playa Fly - Just Awaken Shaken
30. Playa Fly - Crownin' Me [Super Sigg Records]

over here
pass: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Nairb Jones: The Herb Session

Monday January 24, 2011

As requested, here is the rare album by Global Phlowtations member Nairb Jones. (Thanks to my homie Simo who provided the tape)

password: ghettostyles

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Radio (Khid & Ameeba)

Monday January 10, 2011

I asked Khid to host the show yesterday while I was away.
Ameeba was also invited and they both played two half-hour sets.
Great show!


adlib - gangsta muzik
mystik journeymen - walkman invaders
eligh - 99 outers
eastside badstads - showstoppaz
kaos network - ???
nina lorin & dk toon - world goes on
psc - tamika

cavemen speak - dusty curtains
visionaries-audio screen
meen green ft. mykill miers - LA's finest
masters of the universe - what happened
orko-doomsday prophet
odessa kane-another execution ft.don shamen
lab waste - dope beat remix

nephlim modulation systems - last days
dirty d - dirty player
c-roc - come wit me
ellay khule - ???
R.A. the rugged man - every record label sucks d*ck
eminem - infinite

kaliyugapro - broker
maniac mansion - show no panic
maniac mansion - guiding star shine in the sky
dumb-above ft. moonlit man
pijall-desperate waits for response
syvävesi - parempija
antiolla - suuri haalea
jriskit - hetkeksi

Here's the show
passwrd: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit

Kram Neves "Bizarro Theory"

Tuesday January 04, 2011

I was supposed to rip this myself but then I found it on Records Are Forever blog.

This one's very tight! Kram Neves's debut tape from 1997 "Bizzarro Theory".
Kram Neves is also known as Mark7 tho not the guy from Jurrassic 5.

A1 - Change Is Gonna Come
A2 - Emcees Crumble (feat. Zen)
A3 - Am What I Am
A4 - I'm The... (feat. Fletch The Praymantis)
A5 - Set Out In The Dark
B1 - Bizarro's Revenge
B2 - Homey No More
B3 - Cluez
B4 - D.E.F.E.C.T.
B5 - Side Show Strugglas (feat. Droop)
B6 - Bizar World

Link at Records Are Forever.

Here's also a music video of one of the songs on this tape:

posted by: Moonlit

Brainwash Projects [1995]

Tuesday January 04, 2011

This is an early single-tape by The Brainwash Projects which consists of Pigeon John and B-Twice, both whom later became a part of the crew LA Symphony.
I found no mentioning of this tape anywhere, only some other single tape mentioned in The Holy Hip Hop Database website.
The song "Kinetic Alphabetics" was released on Pigeon John's "Featuring Pigeon John 2" CD in 2007, and is marked [1995] so I figure this tape is from around that year as well.

1. My Eyes Have Seen
2. Battle Of The Skull
3. Kinetic Alphabetics

pw: ghettostyles

posted by: Moonlit


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