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Radio w/ Iwere

Sunday October 31, 2010

This Sunday it was me & Iwere, just easy two hours playing dope tracks.
I loved it.

Iwere always plays such of awesome cuts that I've usually not even heard before. Or it's always something like a rare leopard that I've been hunting for that makes me go "AAGH MUTHAFUKA YOU GOT THIS!!". Like that 1st Down cut that he played, one of the first joints featuring J Dilla, that he bought in '95 when it came out. Goddammit, man! Why wasn't I born earlier... ;D¨

Though I gotta say, that Zagu Brown joint that I played, is EFFIN SICK!! Just wanna listen to it again and again. That Bedouins track too. It effin blew my mind yesterday when I found that tape from one of my cassette boxes at my parents' house. Didn't know I had it, haha!

I played a new track that I made last Thursday night. A demo, recorded in my livingroom, track 25.

Check this fly shit:

1. SFC - Phat
2. Down South - Southern Comfort
Big Beat
3. 1st Down - Front Street
4. 50 Grand & Peanut Butter Wolf - Max Mode
5. Persevere - Deep Sleep (Peanut Butter Wolf Remix)
6. Madchild - Like A Tech
Massive Brings
7. Eyedl Mode - End Of The Innocence
Bomb Hip Hop
8. Eyecue - Dirt Hustlin
Mary Joy
9. Whoridas - Townshit (f/ Saafir)
10. Sub-Conscious - Pushin Orbitz
11. Supernatural - Buddah Blessed It
12. Vooodu - Southern California Nites
13. Scienz Of Life - YIKES!!! (f/ MF Doom)
14. Eligh - One Day (f/ Rick Rick)
15. Moonshine - The Sad Sombrero Song
16. Private School - Typically All Over You
17. Medusa & Fat Jack - How We Become One
18. Mint - Phaser
19. Inoe Oner & Ivan Jahn - Whatever Makes You Happy
20. Tarica June - Let It Go
21. Erule - Deepest Thoughts
22. LMNO & Shaydie - Predictable Contradictions
23. Subtitle - What Is The Point
B.e.a.r. Group
24. Lady J - Triple Tounge
25. Moonlit Man - Tape Shit (Demo)
26. Ghetto Chilldren - Equilibrium
27. Xololanxinxo - SHE
28. Charizma - Cut The Play
29. Sidus Idiom - In This Crazy Place
30. Zagu Brown - ? (f/ Xololanxinxo, John John)
31. Bedouins - Ghetto Input
32. The Roots - Silent Treatment (Kelo's Mix)
33. P.E.A.C.E. - Connected Functions
34. Hi-Tech & J-Treads - Weak Minds

Mediafire link
Password: ghettotyylit

posted by: Moonlit

Tony Da Skitzo is not dead?

Thursday October 21, 2010

Last April I wrote a memorial post of the one-year anniversary of Tony Da Skitzo's death.

Apparently he is not dead.

I first got this knowledge from the Discogs page on Skitzo. Then a Google search lead me to a Myspace site where is a lot of material concenring Skitzo's death, incl. suicide notes.

Usually you hear about rappers' death from around the web instantly and a little later you hear it on songs and read the RIP on album covers. None of that has been going on.

The latest evidence prooving the opposite is apparently Mr. Brady's, who is a friend of Skitzo, comments on a bunch of Skitzo's Youtube videos. Here's his profile and the vids.

Maybe it's a joke or a bad rumor but it pretty much seems that Skitzo is alive. Which is great! Let's just hope that he still makes music too. he does here:

posted by: Moonlit

Maxwell: MAXimum WELLbeing (1996)

Thursday October 21, 2010

Debut release by Josh Martinez from 1996/1997, when he was still known as Maxwell. Features Kunga219 (of The Goods), and production by DJ Moves.
[Note: this is a low quality 128kbps mp3 ripped from the original cassette version, for preview purpose only. The EP is available for purchase at camobear or itunes store]

pass: ghettostyles

posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Finnish Rap Special, Episode I

Monday October 18, 2010

Me and Puisto-Osasto both played two 30-minute sets.
Some really exclusive tracks there, incl. a pre-Ceebrolistics track from the early 90's.
I only got to play 1/4 of what I had planned to play but they'll be saved for next time.

Moonlit, set 1:
Rudy - Miami Unelmointia
Maniac Mansion - Baga Ulf (BB Gun)
Iwere - Second Hand Shop
Forbidden Forest - (?)
Ameba - My Music
Microbe - Monestikohan f/ Ameba

Puisto-osasto, set 1:
Dream - Sleep For Just (Sleepy sicknes part 2)
Kontrasti - Kontrasti
the Beathoven - Tänäpä sano
Jotai hiluu - Minä ja kuulokkeet
Jus Aname feat. Logic - Harhailu

Moonlit, set 2:
Kiltit Ihmiset - Paskemmin f/ Karri Koira (unreleased)
Kiltit Ihmiset - (Untitled) f/ Roopek & Dumb
Dumb - Shotgun Karaoke (OG version)
Tonedial - Different Kinds Of Lives
Boney Bro - Burger Trend
Lommo - Moon Lommo
DJ Kridlokk - Kuse Viuluus f/ SLTF & Tuuttimörkö
Murmurecordings - (unreleased untitled 1999)
Ceebrolistics - Spring (1995)
True Brotha Gospelaz (pre-Ceebrolitics) - (unreleased, dub version)*

Puisto-osasto, set 2:
Kova K ja Ydinryhmä - Älä osta mitään
Kapteeni Ä-ni - Massi täys mazq
Juhani - Mun mankka (2. versio)
Lost Cause - It's all happenin'
Vähäiset äänet - Meil on rakkautta
Lempi joe - Sua kaipaan
Children of the sun - From the sun

*can't reveal the name, sorry guys.

Get it here

posted by: Moonlit


Monday October 11, 2010

Me & my good friend DJ Tunne did a 90-minute mixtape of our favorite Finnish music in 2005.
I think it's a fine mix, the best one I've ever done.

My side includes some of my all-time favorite joints of which many are previously unreleased.

Tunne's side is a nice cross-section of different styles of hip hop. Some electronic/experimental stuff in there too.

This is for y'all to prepare yourselves for the radio show next Sunday. It's gonna be me and Puisto-osasto, "Finland Special, Part 1"

SIDE A (TAT200):
INTRO (live: murmur "frustrated" / suncode "stormy weather" / ceebro "ug-tango")
(feat. rudy & pijall, prod. by jahtaja & rudy)
kiltit ihmiset - osa 2/3 vaikeet ajat, 2000-2003 (cassette)
ftw specials vol 1 (cassette)
mustaa valkoisella, 1999 (cassette)
(feat. dumb)
stoned to the bone, 2004 (CD)
(feat. rudy)
kiltit ihmiset OG 2000-2004 (cassette)
a day of the people in between (LP)
julkaisematon, 2002
prod. by neveready
(feat. iwere, ameba & microbe)
prod. by kali yuga pro
(unreleased, 2003)
KALI YUGA PRO (untitled)
rajneesh to the rescue (CD)

roman sheriff_run
-roman sheriff - belarus cd 2005
dubbing mixers_darling for patients
-dubbing mixers - muuttoautomusaa 7" 2004
-ceebrodukshons - homeless beats (cd 1997)
-square - a full spectrum of 3d-colour 12" 2003
maniac mansion_drag'em to the river
-maniac mansion - collection plate (cd 2003)
-pijall - the cave (LP 1999)
don johnson big band_burn de microphones
-don johnson big band - support de microphones (cd 1999)
basic things_everlasting chase of money and fame
-basic things (7" 2000)
tonedial_God can
-tonedial - ep (cd 2005)
mattipee_hush [for lovers]
-mattipee - kingsong (10" 2003)
giant robot_soundcheck
-giant robot - helsinki rock city (12" 1999)
live animation_biisit pitää tehdä aikanaan
-live animation - unreleased (casette 2002)
ceebrolistics_tilt eruption
-ceebrolistics - 0. ep (LP 2001)

A-side - TAT200
B-side - Tunne
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posted by: Moonlit

Nowfolk (part 1): Style Gangstas (1999)

Monday October 04, 2010

Moka Only & Ishkan as style gangsters, the first part in their Nowfolk series, from 1999. Their second album "The Moon" (which came in 2002) had a more polished sound, this first one is for the underground heads.

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posted by: KaliYuga Pro.

Radio w/ Plankton

Sunday October 03, 2010

This session was with the Anti-Party underground grandmaster, Plankton.

A lot of songs that I've ever played on this show are thanks to two things/people:
Kali Yuga's music "library" & Plankton's mixtapes. His mixtapes are like the guide to the whole genre.

All songs that I played were straight from cassettes, no rips. So you can hear the "click" of play and stop buttons. I think my ripping days are over.

This might just be the best show this far, dj-wise,
starting with my set:
1. DJ Honda - For Every Day That Goes By (f. Rawcotiks)
2. Foreign Legion - Full-time B-Boy
3. Megabusive - Sergaent Shitface
4. Eastside Badstads - Enemy Lines
5. The Grouch - Mr. Invisible
6. Aura - Chameleon Age
7. Tommy V. - Soarin'
8. Radioinactive - Shopping List
9. Mystik Journeymen - Walkman Invaders
10. Eclipse 427 - Pressure Point
11. Gershwin - Can You Hear Me
12. Aura & Randy - Land Of The Shadow
13. Basik - What U Ever Control?
14. Global Phlowtations - Outlooks
15. Emanon - Blind Individuals
16. Jizzm - Goodbye

Plankton's set:
17. Tenshun - Suicide Note In D Minor
18. Megabusive - The Beat
19. Subtitle - Ultrasique
20. Subtitle - Pill Pop
21. Anacron - My Other Pair
22. The Disturbers - Cloudy Day Girl
23. Third Sight - Hostage
24. Adura - Adura
25. Axeom - Vibrations
26. Kennuf Akbar - (untitled of album Prelude)
27. Tony Da Skitzo - Man On
28. Anti-Party People - (untitled unreleased)
29. P.E.A.C.E. & Pijall - (freestyle '98)*
30. Anti-Party People - Fuck Up The Sound

*The story behind this song goes roughly this way:
Roopek (back then known as Esaar), Pijall and Plankton were in the Bay in '98 (just when Ceebrolistics "Dayofthepeopleinbetween" album had come out), and they recorded six hours of freestyles over Roope's beats with various local emcees. I think they were at Ab Rude's house and people kept coming and going and grabbing the mic. Like, the whole time people came over like "oh you guys are recording? Cool, can I rap some?"

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posted by: Moonlit


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