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Radio w/ Iwere

Monday May 31, 2010

On Sunday 30th of May with the underground master Iwere:

1. Orko - Put It On Cassette f/ Shamen 12
2. Orko - Lifestyle Now
3. Isosceles - I Once Knew You
4. Tech Lab - 2042
5. Artificial Happiness - Tin Faces
6. Justin Morales / Tech Lab - Fury
7. Jizzm & O.D. - Trials & Tribulations
8. S.I.N. (Medusa & Koko Asha) - How To Serve A Man
9. 2Mex - Galileo
10. Zagu Brown, Global Phlowtations - Repeat, Recycle Riddims (Above It All)
11. Emanon - Every Little Thing
12. Moving Objects - Tell Me Something
13. Anacron - Need f/ Astrobwoy
14. Anacron - Good Friday
15. Anacron - My Other Pair
16. Tommy V & Joe Dub - Soul Searching
17. The Cuf - Going To The Land
18. The Cuf - Re-Evolution
19. Murs - Tomorrow
20. Himself - Worth More Than 5
21. Malkovich Music - Old Soul
22. Ras K'Dee - Mother Earth
23. Earleybird - Crazy Horse
24. Dudley Perkins - Misled
25. Vitamin D - Worse Burfday
26. Moka Only - Do Work
27. Dumbfoundead & Abstract Rude (Maestroe on beats) - Glitch Ghost
28. Count Bass D - 7 Years
29. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime - Mind Sages II
30. Peaceful Rotation - Bored Stiff
31. Kankick - Pain,Rain:Misery

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Wednesday May 26, 2010

posted by: Moonlit

Dumb - part 1 (LIVE ON FRIDAY)

Wednesday May 19, 2010

In 2004 at the legendary Anti-Party minifest my jaw dropped when he stepped on the stage and started rapping. I had never heard of him before (except on a Kiltit Ihmiset tape). It hadn't gone more than a minute of his first song when I pushed through the crowd and ran to the encounter at the door to buy the last copy of his first solo tape.

This is the first post about my favorite lyricist, Finland's finest - Dumb.

Dumb is a member of crews such as Four Eyes, Blue Phantoms Network, Pigeonheads and Rillipäät, and during the years circa '04-'07 he put out several incredibly dope underground solo releases - including a book of poetry.

In around '07 dubstep took over the country and a lot of cats went on following heavy basslines. Dumb went there too with his old buddy Neveready and they made a lot of success there.

But Dumb is back with the rap.

The loooooong awaited (first official) album "Paperwrists" will be released later on this year. It was originally supposed to be released as a double-tape many years ago.

He will also be performing a mini-show this Friday in Helsinki Poetry Jam @ Cafe Mascot!!
It will be only a 10-minute performance among other poets, but it's definitely worth going since it's a rare opportunity to see Dumb perform live.

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Monday May 17, 2010

On a hot sunny Sunday, May 16th, 2010, with Ameeba.
Summer vibes.

1. Hip Hop Kclan - Everyday Thangz
2. Afterlife (Cipher 7) - Prison Of The Mind
3. Hip Hop Kclan - Massive Meltdown '93
4. Ellay Khule & DK Toon - Sunny Side Up
5. Dj Drez - Come again f. Zaire Black
6. Zion I - What u need
7. Mykill Miers - Crash and burn
8. Bored Stiff (feat.L'roneous) - Something to do
9. Souls of mischief - Step to my girl
10. Bored stiff - Maturity
11. L'roneous - Place called this
12. Blackalicious - Swan Lake
13. Zion I - Mic Jones
14. Emanon - IAMBLAND (4 trak version)
15. SFSM - Lioness
16. Ghetto Children - Court's in session
17. Pijall - Eino Sunshine f. Mattip
18. Nonce - Mix Tapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)
19. Grouch & Eligh - I know u wanna feel
20. Abstract rude & DK toon - You ain't gotta lie
21. Style Misia - Karma's revenge
22. Deeskee feat La2thebaycrew - Live in the moss beach
23. Mayhem mystics - Rebel music
24. The Suns - Every phase of life
25. Atmosphere - God's bathroom floor
26. Xololanxinxo - Monster Mash
27. Puzoowatt - Tippy-toes
28. Sach - Suckas Look At Me Mean
29. P. Way - My Definition
30. Ameeba - Travellin' man

Check the comments for a fresh link!

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Sunday May 02, 2010

The first broadcast, on Apr 18th 2010, with Ameeba:

May 2nd with Iwere:

April 18th playlist:

1.ceebrolistics - today
2.freestyle fellowship - 7th seal
3.tony da skitzo - molassis feat brady
4.tony da skitzo - storm brewing
5.tony da skitzo - man on
6.substance abuse - no guarantees
7.mixed practice - endlessly
8.mixed practice - jonestown(feat. stiz)
9.eclipse 427 - pressure point
10.audiopharmacy - unkonscience
11.escape artists - legendary feat. 2mex
12.onomatopeia - in(sense)
13.enigmatical feat. nadasdi, misto soon & rodan - ...of constallations
14.abstract tribe unique - slow lights
15.abstract tribe unique - l.a. styles back
16.basic things - think longer talk faster
17.souls of mischief - never no more (76 seville mix)
18.the world after 4/02 - metropolite
19.thavius beck - pressure
20.the feenom circle - universal life science(feat. pen state)
21.the feenom circle - prescriptions
22.subdivision - b.o.r.e.d.
23.evs - slacker
24.g.p.a.c. - dippers
25.greenhouse effect - stay gold
26.supermarket - frontal lobe piercing
27.ameba the moodman - pain
28.animal pharm - vaccine fat jack remix
29.ameba the moodman - stupidity

May 2nd playlist:
1.Rudy - She Song
2.Payperwork - For A Clock
3.Antti & Werd - Places We Remember
4.Stonedar - Turn It (featuring Dumb)
5.Moonlit Man - Soft Grip
6.Moonlit Man - Push 4ward aka Yesss
7.Gonjasufi - Ancestors
8.Georgia Anne Muldrow - Uhuru Flight
9.Alpha MC - Detox
10.Moka Only - Fried Rice
11.Lil B - I'm God
12.Enigmatical & Misto Soon - Suite For The Sweetest Scenary
13.Shock G - Cinnamon Waves
14.SFSM - Inhale Exhale
15.Xololanxinxo - Little Lips
16.Jizzm - Warriors Remix
17.Flave - You Me Curbside
18.Misfitz Ov Stylz - Super Hot
19.Misfitz Ov Stylz - Where The Fuck You At
20.Figures Of Speech - Alpha Omega
21.Cypha 7 - Jump Off The Planet
22.I Smooth 7 - For Da Love Of The Ghetto
23.Dolla Holla - Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood
24.Inoe Oner & Sach (Name Science) - Suite and Tie Millionaires
25.Tommy V - Memory Lane
26.Deeskee - How Many MC's 08
27.Da Wolfpack - Definition
28.The Whoridas - Keep It Goin'
29.Meen Green - Fat Sacks
30.Ellay Khule - Knuckle Sandwich

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