GhettoTyylit: Info

Ghetto Tyylit [ghetto styles] is an artist collective & non-profit organization, operating in Helsinki, Finland.

We mainly share urban culture via:
-radio (a biweekly show on Bassoradio)
-club & street events
-record shop
-blog (

Founded in 2009, Ghetto Tyylit has been focusing on bringing local artists together and spreading their music, and raising old & new underground rap-related phenomena of the world.

Ghetto Tyylit is ran by artists/musicians/music nerds. All income from the store & events is used for paying the artists, for creating music, events & items; and for maintaining the organization.

Contact us:
Visit us:
Pälkäneentie 13 B
00510 Helsinki, Finland

Tatu Vanhatalo / .MOONLIT
Harri Olin / IWERE
Sakari Niskanen / AMEEBA
Tom Strömsten / DUMB

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