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Founded in 2009, Ghetto Tyylit has been focusing on bringing local artists together and spreading their music, and raising old & new underground rap-related phenomena of the world.

Ghetto Tyylit is ran by artists/musicians/music nerds. All income from the store & events is used for paying the artists, for creating music, events & items.

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Radio: September 21st 2020, B2B set by Cogu & Iwere

Tuesday September 22, 2020

Me and Iwere played tracks back to back, underground hip hop mostly from The States. Both were quite tired out so we just focused to the music.

["*" = by Iwere]

Enigmatical, Misto Soon, Nadasdi, Rodan Kairos - ...of Constellations *
Darkleaf - Alkemy
EX2 - Nobodies Perphect *
Ellay Khule - Kulisafool
Burro Magic & Pterradacto - The Bottom *
Ellis Bancroft - Monotonuous Recourse
Ethnic Descent feat Jahnay Irie - Bout To Be A Father *
Awol One - Old Babies
Hakim ft. Tut - Reminisce *
Eligh - A Time Out
Bored Stiff - Tribute *
Bored Stiff - Untitled
Orko Eloheim - Psychogunpowder
Autopsy & Odessa Kane - The Outskirts of Delirium *
Shamen 12 - Devilz Advocate
Stae - Beastmaster * 
Zagu Brown & Jon Jon - Patience
Neila - Living Then Dying *
Self Jupiter - You're Lost
Mike - Track C *
The Grouch ft Eligh - Neglected
D1rty Redd (Neb Luv) - Invasion *
Deeskee & Die Young - All Of Me (Deeskee Remix)
SK & Jizzm - Blessed *
Mr Aeks & KHZ Devils - Ash Tray
Spex - Some Way Know How *
Three Eyed Cowz - Live From San Francisco
Self Jupiter - The Master's Lemonade *
Eddie K - Untitled
Myka 9 - Liberty *
DJ D ft Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - Union Theory
Wake Up People - Dark World Light *
SFSM - Rappin For Food

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